Hold me I'm scared!!

  1. I'm selling my first item on ebay.com... I've always sold on ebay.fr and the transactions have always been smooth...
    But this item will find more interest on ebay.com and after reading all the horror stories on tPF I'm scared!
    Please cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly :Push:

    Things I didn't suspect before tPF:
    - switcheroos
    - packages supposedly lost
    - packages really lost
    - mean evil ebay people

    First of all I hope my item sells, but then I really hope everything goes ok. I will not rest until I have my positive feedback! :wlae:
  2. Aww it'll be okay! You've learned alot from being here and if anything goes wrong, I'm sure the nice people here will be happy to advise you!
  3. Thanks!
    Right now my item doesn't even show up when I do a search... :rant:
  4. Usually it takes 2-4 hours for your item to appear in the key word search because of their database update frequency...(......) this is what it says in the ebay help....:smile:
  5. I have sold on ebay for years. I have never had a switched package or a lost package (keeping my figers crossed that it continues). The only truly evil person I ever met on ebay was a seller who gave me grief over a $10 packet of victorian buttons that I bought from her. Even she wasn't evil--just crazy--paranoid--accused me of trying to cheat her--left me negative feedback--huh? I bought them from her and they arrived broken on top of everything and she's upset at me? She's not the first nor last crackpot I ever met, but I usually meet them in the streets here in NYC. Just be cautious in your dealings as you would be anywhere else and you should be okay. Good luck!
  6. Thanks guys, I'm a little paranoid :upsidedown: