Hold Me Club

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  1. Yay, a club dedicated to all of your HMs.
    Please post away with pics too, just to see how many we have here and the different colors and leathers.
  2. Hi Samia! I'm a proud member of this club! I have a Tan Hold Me. And if you could post my pix (from my review of Hold Me thread), I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. DSC01292.jpg DSC01290.jpg
    Me too! I love my Purple Crash Hold Me! It's my bag of the moment!
  4. ^^^That's beautiful!
  5. Tropicalgal here is your Hold Me in Tan:

  6. And here is my Hold Me mini in Black:


  7. I know there are more HMs out there, please post!
  8. As soon as my Tan Hold Me smooches down a bit more, I'll photograph it again. What fun, watching it change shape. Loving it all the more for its slouchy ease.
  9. That, I would like to see TropicalGal!

    I must say, with all this discussion about the purple crash and whether people like it or not, it was nice to see mayajuliana's purple crash Hold ME, because I think it looks fantastic on that bag - I mean, really subtle yet edgy. I think the colour definitely lends itself to the Hold Me style, as if it was made for it!

    Also, I think it's more of a damson colour?!
  10. ^^^^^Yes, I think if anyone is wondering about the Purple Crash, that Mayajuliana's fotos are the best I've seen. And "damson" is a great description! So let's do direct those who are interested in purple crash or confused about its real tone, to mj's fotos.
  11. TG - Just wondering have you actually seen the Purple crash irl, apart from in photos? :s
  12. ^^^No, not at all. Just in Jackie's fotos...and in MJ's fotos. I think the Jackie foto of the Purple Crash Clutch Me looks fabulous. What a great color for a clutch. It's calling my name...
  13. LOL!!! May I also direct YOU too, to the 'Mindful BE ladies' Club!! Come on girl, have some willpower!!! :lecture:
  14. ^^^Hey, I'm in that Mindful BE ladies club BIG TIME!!! Remember, I've got the college tuitions pending...? My fantasy life. Anyway, I can only buy on sale. So, that puts me out of commission until...sale time. Which might be in June...? I dunno when. I think she had one last year in June. But the "problem" is -- that there's nothing I want from the Spring line. So...I guess that means I won't be buying until her January 09 sale. So, I'm in the Club!
  15. Yeah, I know you've got the astronomical college fees....I thought you were buckling!! :graucho: