Hold Me, Belen Echandia

  1. Hi ladies, just wondering what everyone thought of BE Hold Me? I think it looks adorable on her website, but, would like to hear more about from anyone that has one. I don't think our group has really talked much about this style. I'd love to see some modeling pics because this bag looks hard to imagine how it would "sit".

    I know the newer model has the longer straps so you can use on your shoulder which is nice.

    I see myself eventually owning one of each model of BE. LOL Can't wait for the January sale. Anyone else waiting to buy during that time and if so, what?

    I'm thinking the hold me might be a perfect little summer bag.
  2. lovebags2...you are full out obsessed with BE! Can't deny it! Enjoy!
  3. Hi Tropical Gal, I just have to address your post, in a fun manner, of course....

    First, I think most of us here would agree, that anyone on this forum is a bit "obsessed" with handbags. Yes?

    Second, IMO if your going to be obsessed why not find something of incredibly high quality that you love....

    Third, I have to confess, I only to date have one BE style, it's the Love Me. And the reason why I've started so many threads over the BE is this. Yes, I love BE, but, the drawback to the line is there aren't any stores around my town that carry it, so I can try them on. And when I do find a store in NYC, they are sold out. They sells fast.

    So, although, I"m guilty of buying and returning, I am not a fan of it. It's both costly on the shipping and time consuming (post office trips with a toddler etc..). Not fun. I"m trying to prevent this by asking questions on TPF.

    Lastly, I've had the pleasure to have several conversations with other ladies on our forum that have 3, 4, and 5 different BE styles from her line. I"m only trying to find one or two more and then just be content with my collection. I"m just in the middle of that process right now.

    You've just caught my posts while I'm still in that trial/error of trying to find another style. It's so hard to tell by the internet. I've already had to return a BE handbag last week. I don't enjoy that process like I mentioned.

    I know I didn't have to go into this long explaination, I just wanted to let you know why so many posts started by me! Have a great night and I'll keep you posted on my search for my next model BE handbag!
  4. lovebags - i didn't know you could return the BE bags! i got one, i think the style is love me - it's huge and the leather is really stiff and basically, i hate it. it's been sitting in my closet since i opened it. it makes me want to cry because i saw in another thread how someones bag draped so beautifully and mine is just a big hulk of a bag :crybaby:

    do you know what their return policy is? any info is greatly appreciated :yes:
  5. I saw the bag last year on her site and while it's cute, I wasn't that much of a fan of this particular style because 1. I don't do double-straps well and if I do do them it's only when they are generous enough (as on my Love Me) 2. I felt that the style, while elegant and simple, was almost a little too plain for me and I thought the ~$400 could go toward a bag that I just adored. The Hold Me strikes me as more of a "shopper" bag/tote and I far too many of those :yes:!

    Honestly, the bag that is capturing my attention now is the Indulge Me...I like the idea of a more structured, compact shoulder bag for me and the black crash looks heavenly - a little urban, a little sexy, very pulled-together...
  6. Nicole, I'm so sorry to hear that you don't love your BE. What color do you have?

    I have to say this, I returned one of her Stroke Me's because of the matte leather. I didn't like it because of what you said, stiffer/dryer etc... But, the crash leather is quite the opposite. It's not stiff whatsoever. It's soft and squishy. I love love it. I've also heard rave reviews about the wine and petrol color leathers. Not every BE leather is created equal. I"m wondering if you'd enjoy a different one.

    I know some maybe prefer the matte leather and I can certainly understand that too. It's just not me.

    Here's what I know about the return policy, I hope it helps. If you call or contact them within seven days that you want to return the handbag, there's a no "quibble" return policy. They just ask you return within 14 days of the purchase date. Maybe if your a little over that, you can contact them directly and ask. The customer service is like nothing else I've ever seen and I"m sure they would help you someway (maybe an exchange) if your a little over. It's such a shame to have it sit in your closet. But, I do know that feeling.

    Until recently when I discovered BE from this forum , even my Louis Vuitton was sitting in my closet! (if you can believe that because LV are gorgeous too).

    Good Luck and keep us posted!
  7. Audball, Oh my goodness, you just described perfectly what I feel about my Love Me/ Black Crash! Who said, handbags can't be sexy and chic? Or did I add chic? LOL
  8. lovebags -- you know we love you and will help you find the right bag in the right leather!

    audball -- love your description of the Indulge Me...great language and concept. you've sold me! maybe Indulge Me will be our next obsession!
  9. Tropical Gal, thanks. Whew. I"m glad to hear that your in this "obsession" with me! It's so much more fun that way!

    I think Jackie enjoyed the Trunk sale in October and might have another one, maybe next fall? How nice would it be for our group of ladies to meet there with our BE handbag (s)? Here's hoping Tropical Gal by then, I have my collection complete!

    Talk Soon, I"m sure.