Hold me back! I need to take a break!

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  1. --from my overwhelming addiction to BE!!!:biggrin:

    As you know from my previous thread, I got the lilac pearlised TME Midi over a month ago (which I'm absolutely LOVING!).

    Upon receiving my TME Midi, I was immediately smitten with BE and shortly afterwards, got two Angel Purses (black crash and matte apple green)!

    But do you think I stopped there???!!! :graucho: Oh no, not done yet! I then went and found a Kiss Me Clutch in purple!

    It's been quite the whirlwind shopping spree!! :nuts:

    So I'm taking a break from my addiction (only cuz I'm contemplating my next purchase!!!)

    But here's a picture of my BE family, which I love and adore! :love:

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  2. Beautiful collection!

    Taking a "break" is much safer than saying you're putting your self on a "ban"- a break you can end at any time!:P
  3. I'm with Hermeneutics on that one!

    I:heart:your collection, especially the:angel:purses!
  4. What a Good Looking Family you've got there! And as soon as you've finished your rest, be sure to let us know so we can enable you to add more and more! You just can't have too many, you know. Ever.
  5. Congrats on your acquisitions! They are lovely...and its nice to see a variety developing already in your collection!
  6. Lovely collection! They're addictive aren't they? lol....
  7. Very beautiful! I'm so impressed that you found the angel purses and the kiss me! I haven't been able to find either one.
  8. Love your collection! It's always nice to take a little break while you discover the next wonderful item you can't live without!
  9. You have started a lovely collection. Congrats!!
  10. Great collection!
  11. Beautiful collection! I have never seen the lilac pearlised leather before, its gorgeous, thanks for sharing.
  12. gorgeous
  13. beautiful collection..enjoy!!
  14. love your collection!
  15. Great collection - congrats and enjoy.