Hogan's and Prada's in one swoop...

  1. All, I'm headed back to S. Florida later in Feb (Ft. Lauderdale), for 10 days. Too bad it's for work, but I hope to break away for some fun and shopping...

    I need shoe therapy to survive ;) . here's the results!


    And Prada:


    Ok this isn't the exact style, but it's pretty darn close. I'm SO happy to have found these on short notice, ladies...great SA and most of all, very comfy. Unfortunately my Gucci high heeled clogs are probably not going to be the best for work, but these will be perfect! :yahoo:
  2. Nice! Good buys!
  3. LOve both of them! Congrats!
  4. Congratulations.
  5. Thank you all so much!! Yeah, the Pradas are actually patent leather uppers (without the silver branding) and with leather lining so it feels good against your instep. They have a heel cup which supports your foot a little more than basic flip flops which is perfect for me with long days either at my desk or running around to server and cable rooms (I'm in IT). As much as I adore my boots this time of year in Seattle, I'm looking forward to tossing them (and socks!) aside for a few days.

    According to the SA, the Hogan's are genuine croc! Hmmm...at the price I paid they'd better be ;)
  6. Nice! I love them both, but especially the Hogans!
  7. Wow, love the Pradas! Don't forget to get a pedi before you go! It wouldn't do to be wearing such hot sandals with gnarly Seattle-winter toes!:nuts:
  8. ^^ Man, you must have a camera on my tootsies! Yeah, we can hide in boots up here, but you bet a mani/pedi is on the list!!