Hogan Weekender

  1. Hello everyone..... I hope this isn't old news to all of you, but we are a little behind in the UK.... I'm looking for the white hogan weekend, just like the the Jennifer Aniston has in the film Rumour has it.... Can anyone help....

    Would very much appreciate a point in the right direction.. Nowhere in the UK seems to have it...

    Thanks very much.... Sarahjane :hysteric:
  2. I think the website www.styledrops.com has it. Or call the New York City Hogan store in Soho....they do phone orders.
  3. Thanks coldplaylover.... I've tried Styledrops... never thougt of trying the hogan shop in the US... The one in London doesn't have it...

    Good exchange rate to the pound at the moment..

    Thanks again

  4. The Bergdorf Goodman website has the Weekender in vachetta (tan). They used to have the white but no longer. I got both my tan and white weekenders from Saks in San Francisco. Is that tote she has the weekender or the Lizzy though? I had a tough time telling which it really was. The weekender is very smooth soft leather and the Lizzy has pebbled leather (and little more hardware/stuff going on). Neimans (Bev Hills) also carried the Lizzie (back when I called about it in very early spring). Good luck.
  5. Hi Sarahjane I am in the UK as well and loved that bag, managed to track it down to the Hogan store in Sloane Street but that was a few weeks ago. It is the Hogan Weekend, the smooth leather, not the Lizzy. The Weekend now is slightly different though, the hardware is rings not the loops that Jen's bag has in the film. It is a great bag - I was only able to get it in the medium size but I am really pleased with it. Good luck in tracking one down. If you don't manage to find a white one this year I am sure that they will bring it back next year as the SA said it is a consistent best seller.