Hogan Waxed Shoulder Bag 25% off NM

  1. Oops-

    That is the Hogan Shopper Bag sale price, same link, several colors

    The waxed shoulder bag in black was $950, now $713
  2. That's a great bag! Glad it's finally being reduced.
  3. Hogan bags are beautiful. I absolutely love them. Nothing *trendy* about them. Just high quality leather and design.
  4. Can any of you tell me about the Waxed Leather Tote? Size? Slouchiness? Compartments? I can't see it IRL and I'd like to get one. Looks so wonderfully minimal -- my kind of style.
  5. Thank you thank you thank you for posting the Hogan NM sale! I have been eyeing this bag for some time, hoping it would go on sale eventually (at Saks it's $975 - don't know why their regular price is higher than Neiman's). I just bought it and owe my gratitude to you ladies. Thanks again!