Hogan Waxed Leather Tote

  1. :confused1: Anyone out there have a Hogan Waxed Leather Tote?
    It looks so great -- that I'm considering. It is so nice and minimal, my kind of style.
    Is it big? Slouchy? Have any compartments? I'm nowhere near any kind of store, so I must rely on you ladies to be my eyes! Thank you!
  2. I haven't seen it IRL but I do love it at NM website, sorry I couldn't be any help to you.
  3. I'd love to know more too. I love one of the other Hogan satchels, but I've never seen them IRL.
  4. Hmmm... I guess not many ladies are buying Hogan bags...or are you? Please speak up!
  5. I have a Hogan Weekend Shopper bag an eggplant color. (same as the Hogan Leather tote) Are you interested in the smaller or larger version? It's a great clean style with just enough slouch. I have the smaller version.
  6. Assuming it's just like the one at Saks, the tote is made out of soft leather and fits nicely under your arm. The compartments are great and I love the big middle pocket that divides the bag into 2 open sections.

    However, I do have some criticisms. There isn't a magnetic snap closure, so when you set the bag down, it splays open. Also, since I'm a city dweller, I'm a little nervous about the wide gaps on either side tempting pick pockets (I guess that's what the security pocket in the middle is for).

    I'm still trying to decide if I should go with this classic Hogan style in the waxed black leather or go with the Spring 07 shopping tote. The shopping tote is a perfect shape, but Saks only carries a light peachy beige-colored leather with a weird texture. Has anyone seen this style? What do you think?

  7. Thanks for this info Turtle and Marly. The splaying open...is definitely something to consider. Is the shopping tote much bigger than the plain or waxed leather tote? Want big, but not too big.
  8. Hi again - a question for Marly:

    When walking around in cities or more population-dense areas, do you feel your belongings in your Hogan are fairly secure? I want to take the Hogan shopper on my trip to London, but don't want to worry about pickpockets. And I don't want to put all my stuff in the "secure" zip pocket. What's been your experience?

    Thanks in advance,

  9. Turtle -- LOVE your tote. What color did you get. Is the bag BIG? Too big? Or just right? Heavy?
    I'm waiting for it to go on sale! I don't see many women carrying Hogan bags...why is that? Too conservative and too tailored?
  10. Hi TropicalGal! I'm sorry to report that I returned it. It was a light peachy tan color (the color that was on sale for $695 at Saks' one day sale) in a wrinkled leather, but I got nervous about getting it dirty. Sigh... unfortunately the black version is only available online at styledrops and *not* on sale. But I can still rave about the bag - it's lighter than my Botkier Trigger, fits nicely under the arm, and is well-made. It's large but not oversized. Hogans are a little on the plain side, though, which is probably why they're not too popular.

  11. Turtle, maybe I'll see the bag you returned at Saks when I go to New York next week! I think Hogans are uberchic. Very minimalist and cool. Their store in New York is in Soho, so that tells you a lot about how they want to position themselves. I'm going to go to New York next week, and I'll check in Saks, Neiman's and the Hogan store. I'll also go to Woodbury Common and check at the Tod's outlet. You know that that's the parent company, and they put Hogans in there for sale too. I'll give a complete report!
  12. P.S. Ladies on this Hogan thread: we are a very cool, chic group of stylish women!
  13. Hi TropicalGal, have a great time in NYC! When you're in Soho checking at the Hogan store, don't miss the mozzarella sandwich at Olive's on Prince Street - you won't be disappointed.

    That's fantastic that you're going to Woodbury Commons! Looking forward to hearing what they've got in stock when you return...

  14. i think Jennifer Aniston was using one in white in the movie "Rumor Has It". i just saw it on HBO the other night, i'm pretty sure that was it. it looked great and i was tempted too.