Hogan Tabbed Leather Hobo ARRIVED!!!

  1. Hi Ladies -- My gorgeous Hogan Tabbed Leather Hobo arrived via friends, to my home south of the border. http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/ca...0745cat7230741
    It is spectacular -- so much better in real life than what you'll see online. It reeks of chic, jungle luxuriousness -- which is my lifestyle. This is a KEEPER! Lightweight, great shoulder strap, luxe crinkly leather, great details, just extravagant and perfect. :yahoo:
  2. Congratulations!

    That is a beautiful bag - I have been loving it since I saw it on SJP. :drool:
  3. TropicalGal.........congratulations! However, when I tried to view the link, it said I wasn't authorized to view it. Anyway, I know you must be very excited!!!! :woohoo:
  4. Oh dear -- if anyone can post this link -- it is on the regular Neiman's website -- it is a sale bag, although I got it at presale for $666, instead of the 746 listed, down from $995. The bag is a lot darker than the photograph. Really lush.
  5. Congrats on this gorgeous bag! Any chance that we could see a pic of you and your new babe? I have been eyeing this bag for a bit....what's the inside like? Lining, pockets, etc? Is it easy to get stuff/in - out of? Is the bottom unstructed, just droops if there's nothin' in it - or does it have some structure? I don't carry much - so will things get "lost" inside? Thanks so much for your input and glad that you're so happy w/your bag. What about the black Gryson hobo that you ordered as well? (see, we do pay attention!!!)
    Thanks again:yes:
  6. dcblam...yes you do pay attention! the gryson hobo will be in next week. i heard from the person who received it for me in the u.s., that it is HEAVY. (she is not a handbag fanatic, so i can't really judge by her comment) heavy could be a problem for me... but we'll see. (must be that suede lining.)
    now, about your questions. the bag is a dream. easy to get in an out of. a zippered pocket on the outside. a zipper pocket on the inside, and a pouch on the inside too (for cell phone -- but bigger than that.) the lining is a very cool: brown and beige striped heavy silk(?) fabric. really, the details are gorgeous, the studs with "hogan," the leather tabbing, the fact that the strap can be long or short, the deep rich color of the leather. it just looks LUSH and fabulous and very "rich looking." in one day, several people have commented: "wow!" but it is also casual looking. it has a little bit of structure in the shape, but not like a gucci hobo, for instance. this bag moves and molds. it is really one of the most successful purchases i've ever made. and if i figure out how to post a pic...i will. why is it SO darn complicated. i think the bag will drop price some more on the neiman's sale and will end up at Woodbury Common and other outlets in a few months. for some reason, hogan is not so popular yet. it is relatively unknown and also, on the expensive side. you know, i'm done with vuitton et al. i'm definitely an eclectic gal who is finally hitting her stride.
  7. Wow -
    Sounds like a fabulous bag and something I MUST keep my eye on:tup: Thanks for the details given and the fact that the strap can be adjusted is such a plus! I really do like bags that are not so "mainstream" as well. Anything that screams a logo, a brand, etc. is NOT for me and the fact that just the hardware has Hogan on it is just fine. Looking for casual as well as stunning is exactly what I want. Tod/Hogan are related brands - think the Hogan line is less expensive and maybe a bit more hip - but both are quality products. Both are much more popular in Europe than here and thank goodness not on everyone's arms.....that's the appeal for me and you too! Heavy Gryson....hmmm...I predict that you will not be as enamoured with this one. I have seen several Grysons and thought the leather was not so great, the hardware a bit cheap and the bag...heavy. But hey - it could be the model and I haven't seen the hobo. Let me know your thoughts. Have fun with your Hogan and thanks again for such superb comments!
  8. After a few more days of using my Hogan hobo...I can now say: I have found my handbag identity. I cannot tell you the amount of compliments I've received on this bag. It is unusual yet classic, it screams, "beautifully made" from across any room. I am just being stared at all the time! That's not what I want -- but the bag is truly, truly gorgeous. The online pix at NM do not do this bag justice.

    So my handbag identity is: super stylish and eclectic. Classy and unusual. Great fun this bag. Light too. Easy to use. I'm feeling grand.