Hogan Spring '07

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    I spent a long time looking through the style.com accessories report today and was fairly disappointed by a lot of what I saw, but I really like the Hogan stuff. Anyone else a fan? I've never seen a Hogan bag in person, does the quality measure up to Tod's?
    (obligatory plug: I'll be blogging about a lot of this stuff so come visit me. My blog is lonely :crybaby: )
  2. hogan is looking good for spring.. thanks for sharing..
  3. Good-looking bags.
  4. Love that white bag!
  5. I do like Hogan, but don't own one (or Tod's for that matter).
    My issue with these is the shape: I dislike buckets, and anything deeper than it is wide. I also hate metallics and think the first bag is hideous. Love the others, but just wish they were w-i-d-e-r.
  6. I absolutely ADORE the bag at the top!!!! Hello? GORGEOUS!!
  7. I own a Tods Girelli and a Hogan Weekender. You can not beat the quality of Tods - wish their designs were a little more varied. I love my Hogan - the quality is excellent as well. Not particularly loving these three bags for spring, but if you do, go for it. It's a very well made bag.
  8. Like the red one!
  9. Me too!:yes:
  10. Love that white bag!!!!:heart:
  11. Very nice! I like your blog too :smile:
  12. thank you spiralsnowman! :yahoo:
  13. I have two Hogan bags, and used to have five or six...but I have sold a few over the years. They are amazing, and I would recommend them highly to anyone. I also have a Tod's, but I really like the Hogan better.
  14. I've liked their styles in the past--I'm not wild about these. I know Hogan and Tod's are the same company--is the quality about the same? Tod's leathers are wonderful.
  15. boxermom, the quality on my Hogan bags is amazing. I have not had ANY issues ever, with any of my bags. When I sold my gold Scout (sob, sniff) it had been very well loved and was still in perfect condition. I would say the leather is not as heavy as the Tod's, but the only Tod's bag I have is the Micky/Mikey, which is a fairly heavy pebbled leather, so it might just be that bag. Give them a try! I think you will be pleasantly surprised!
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