Hogan shopper or Botkier Trigger?

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  1. Hi, I'm new to the list and I have been enjoying reading your posts!

    I'm looking for a good everyday bag that 1) isn't too heavy 2) fits a magazine or newspaper 3) features a large zippered section for my wallet/other stuff and 4) has some sort of small pocket -preferably on the outside - where I can easily access my monthly subway pass.

    The two I have been eyeing are the Hogan shopper without the fringe and the Botkier Trigger bag. Which of these do you prefer? Or should I pass on both and continue looking?



    Are there other bags I should consider? I was also thinking about Marc Jacobs’s Stella but wonder if this style is too dated. Plus, MJ is no longer making them and they’re only available at online retailers (which makes me a little nervous).

  2. Choosing between those 2, I'd say Botkier.
  3. I'm a big Hogan fan but I can't say that the Shopper really shows off Hogan's style.....
  4. Gotta be the Botkier!! I love it and plus it's cheaper than Hogan. :toung:
  5. Thank you all - I wish I had known about this site earlier so that I could have used that $100 coupon that was going around for the Botkier.

    Any thoughts on the Botkier vs. the Marc Jacobs Stella/tote?
  6. I vote for the Hogan. I have always liked the shape, roominess and overall quality of this bag. I'm not keen on the Stella but Botkier is nice.
  7. Botkier all theway!! great looking.
  8. I love Marc Jacobs! I own three MJ bags. I think the Stella tote is great, but I think the Botkier is a great alternative. I've been thinking about getting a Botkier myself.