Hogan Scout Bag - Types

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  1. What are the different types of Hogan Scout bags?

    I like this one:


    But the NM website states that this is the Scout bag:


    I'm confused, as this one doesn't have the cool flap and buckles...
  2. You are right on both counts. The top bag is the buckle flap Scout...this was the first Scout bag that I saw, and it was available in metallics (the gold, in your photo -- I sold this bag and am still a bit upset over it!, and the dark pewter color that has eluded me for years) and also in pebbled leathers (I have the lemon yellow made VERY popular by Jessica Simpson--also featured in a photo in the new InStyle book), a camel color, and white. There was also what I will call the "H flap" Scout that was a bit larger than the buckle flap and had a longer flap, no buckles, and a perforated "H" on the lower half of the flap (this was sold in distressed mahogany, black, and green). Now Hogan has done away with the flap altogether and gone to this zip top bag, which really killed the character of the bag. I hope they will bring some of the older styles back, because the zip top is BORING! I LOVE the buckle flap and H flap Scouts!
  3. I like them both.
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