Hogan (made by Tod's) bags approximately 75% off

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  1. Hogan is Tod's sister brand, like Miu Miu is the sister brand of Prada. Hogan bags are made in Italy.

    Woodbury store number (845) 928-3636
    Cabazon store number (951) 922-1448

    The Tod's outlets in Woodbury and Cabazon have a number of Hogan bags. All the Hogan bags are an additional 60% off the outlet price which makes them 75% or more off the original retail. They do phone orders but it is final sale. They are nice in taking time to describe condition over the phone. Shipping is ugly but there is no sales tax if you don't live in the state.

    There are large shopper and medium shopper bags at Woodbury. Medium shopper only at Cabazon. The shoppers are $250ish. There are also Dune bags (I love that style) in medium (Woodbury) and large (Cabazon). I think both places have the scout. Woodbury has the vertical shopper too. Both outlets have the Lizzy for $190.

    Some pics from the Woodbury store:




    IMG_2386.jpg IMG_2387.jpg IMG_2390.jpg IMG_2389.jpg
  2. Some pics of specific bags.

    The shopper in black large (this is the bag people were trying to find a couple years ago when Aniston wore it in white in rumor has it). This is at Woodbury.

    Vertical shopper at Woodbury. It can be seen here in another color http://www.thebaglady.tv/2008/05/hogans_shopping.html
    IMG_2395.jpg IMG_2396.jpg
  3. Large Dune bag in dark blue at Woodbury. (I love the side pockets on the Dune and it's very lightweight):


    Medium Dune in Biscuit (in crinkled washed leather) at Woodbury:

    IMG_2403a.jpg IMG_2407.jpg
  4. IMG_2397.jpg IMG_2401.jpg IMG_2402.jpg IMG_2408.jpg
  5. Thanks! I go to the Tod's outlet in Primm, Nevada, and Cabazon a few times a year, and they seem to have *some* Hogan bags at 60 to 70% alot.

    I have a Hogan bag gets more compliments and double-takes than a lot of my more expensive bag. The leather is very nice.
  6. Some tiny (sorry, that's what they emailed me) Cabazon pics:




    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  7. Some Cabazon pics of specific bags. I like the Dunes the best.

    [​IMG] Dune bags in 2 greens $260

    [​IMG] Ring bag

    [​IMG] Pleats bag in metallic bronze $206

    [​IMG] Pleats bag inside
    dune bags.jpg ring bag.jpg pleats bag.jpg pleats bag 2.jpg
  8. I loooooove Hogan. I had no idea that there were Hogan bags on clearance at Tod's outlets. The Cabazon outlet just unpacked a new shipment--that's what the pics are of.
  9. Just bought the medium Dune in Plum in the third Cabazon pic. The SA was Brian and he was very nice. He says they have more in the back if anyone is interested.

    Total price (inc $20 S/H) = $268. TY TY TY OP!!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. Whoo hoo! That one is gorgeous!!!!
  11. An update for all you Hogan lovers--not worth calling Primm/Las Vegas or Orlando Tod's. I just did and they are pretty much all sold out of the Hogans due to the 60% off. Orlando said we're pretty much wiped out with the sale. Strike now at Woodbury and Cabazon while you can is my advice.
  12. adoptastray, you are are the best!!! Always posting awesome deals on bags!!! THANK YOU!!!! :heart:
  13. I've been looking for a plum or wine colored bag for a while, and as you can see from my avatar I love Hogan. This was my first time doing a charge send, ever, and I realized I didn't know what to say... so I started out, "So I'm a member of this online purse forum... and I have some pictures from your store." He asked me who sent them to me, and I was like, "Ummm, her screen name is adoptastray..."

  14. You're so welcome! I love TPF!
  15. ROFL @ kachesle! oh well! you scored your bag!

    explaining tPF to SAs is always grueling, so i always just say a "friend" gave me the info.

    do they have any leather jackets? my BF and i adore hogan leather jackets. they are always deliciously soft and comfy.