Hogan Lizzy Bag...Have It

  1. I did a phone order to Hogan in Soho for the pink raffia one last summer and just took it out of the closet to use again since the weather is warming up. Jennifer Anniston made this bag popular in white. I did have to get the straps re-stiched because raffia is so delicate and I had over weighted the bag.
  2. can you please post a pic of this bag i've never seen it before. thanks
  3. I would like to see as well please!
  4. My daughter just came to visit, saw the bag and walked out the door with it!! I will get pics on her next visit which should be tomorrow since she left a lot of laundry here!
  5. ^ lol! i would b!tchslap my daughter if she so much as laid a finger on my bags. lol just kidding but yeah i really like the white lizzy bag, i never saw it in your color though so i can't wait :smile: