Hogan Leather Shopper

  1. Anyone have any thoughts on this bag? It looks long E/W, but it catches my eye for a throw around bag when I have all my little ones with me. Is it comfy? Practical? Any postives/negatives? Worth the money?

    I remember last year it was in a shade of brown. I don't know much about Hogan or this style. Thank you!

  2. i have not seen the bag that you posted in real life so i can't answer the questions about it being comfy and practical. i do have a hogan hobo that i bought on sale from NM in June that i love - it has worn well and i really like it. in case you did not know, the parent company of hogan is tod's (jp tod).
  3. I have seen this bag, and it seems too shallow for me. The shape is too long. Doesn't look aesthetic to me. If you get it on a really good sale, then go for it. I have a Hogan crushed leather hobo that I bought last spring and I absolutely adore it. Really adore it.
  4. Hi there, I have a few Hogan bags and the quality is wonderful! I think it is actually better than MJ or other high priced brands. This style I like, but in the original version and I almost considered buying when the shopper (large) was on sale at NM..maybe still on sale. In any event, I personally think Hogan is great brand and as the previous poster said part of the JP Tods company!
  5. Looks pretty to me. Unusual shape, and I like the shade of silver. How's the opening? Is it too small? Zip, snap or magnet?
  6. i think this bag is so cute, love the color and shape of it.
  7. I have a Hogan shopper in camel leather, and love it. The interior has a zippered compartment. It's called a "shopper" because there is space around that interior compartment to put a magazine, water bottle, etc...whatever you don't feel you need in the interior area. There's also usually a zippered compartment against one of the sides, too. It is quite roomy. And you don't see a million people carrying it...

    I am very happy with my bag.