Hogan Guitar Bag - Any comments?

  1. Hi all! :flowers:

    Just wanted to gather some comments on Hogan's Guitar bag. Does anyone own this bag? Picture in link below. Thanks!

    Hogan Large Guitar Satchel at Purseuing
  2. I've never seen it IRL but I think it's really cute and unique without being over-the-top. Others may disagree though.
  3. Not for me
  4. Me likes!!!
  5. I've been on the fence about this one. I keep looking at it, but I still like the Big Dune better.
  6. I like Hogans, but not this particular one. It's not for me either.:shrugs:
  7. Not my thing, it reminds me of my awful canvas (not gorgeous leather like I'm sure this is) bag in which I had to carry, yep, a guitar I could hardly play and music I'd never want to play whilst at school all those years ago.
  8. Usually I like Hogan's designs, but this one isn't for me.
  9. I think this zebra print one looks better than the leopard print in the link above.


    I saw a purple one in a local magazine... croc skin print... and a local celeb is wearing it (zebra) in a local drama currently airing on tv. I think the zebra looks the best.
  10. Not for me, too