Hogan Fringe Bag

Michelle F

Sep 13, 2005
What do you think ladies? The gold one is pretty sweet. (the price tag's not so much though) I thought I saw a pic of Mena Suvari w/ a purple one that was cool too.


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I guess I'm in the minority now! I have the 'original' (like four years old) Hogan fringe in a neutral beige. I have two of the current ones -- black fringe with a metallic black trim and yellow fringe with brown trim. Yes, they resemble animals (little Yorkies?) but I love 'em.
FendiBagLady said:
I actually love them. I am hoping I can get myself one before BG sells out again (if they haven't already!).

Bergdorf seems to be restocking with new colors. When I bought my first 'new' one (about six weeks ago), they had beige and black. They still have those colors in the small bags but they they now have the larger ones in the yellow/brown and a lavendar/black. When I was first stalking these, I spoke to the woman at the Hogan store and she said they were only getting black and beige. Maybe the wilder colors were surprises or maybe they were responses to demand.

But I bought my yellow at Bergdorf on Monday so they still had a good supply then.
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interesting...I don't like fringe bags but I love the ones pictured here! I'm going to go check out Bergdorf's now!!!

hmmm. I went onto Bergdorf's and there weren't any...where are these bags sold? thanks!
Darling girl, the last post in this thread was from 2005, before the one that was removed by the mod. I quite imagine the bags have looonnnggg been sold out. Try e-Bay. ;)