Hogan Bags!

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  1. What's your opinion of Hogan bags? I was thinking of purchasing one. What do you think of this bag? I can't spend a lot of money right now and saw this one.
    Please help!!Neiman Marcus hogan it say's it's mettalic pink its $158.00 marked down from $450.00
  2. Anyone??? Please I love you opinions!
  3. Hogan is a great brand- it's a division of Tod's, right? I was interested in the weekend/shopper, but can't seem to find it anywhere...
    I say if you like the bag (I think it's so cute) then get it- seems like a great deal :smile:
  4. Yep, I believe Hogan is owned by the same company as Tod's. It is a very high quality brand.

    I'm not a big fan of metallics, but the shape is quite cute. But what matters is whether you like it, so if you do, go for it! :smile:
  5. Thanks for the replies ladys keep um comming!!!!!!!!!!:heart: :heart:
  6. Anymore opinions I wanna buy soon but would love some more comments first? Is it a good buy?:shrugs:
  7. As far as quality, you don't have to worry about that...superb. I have one of their shopper bags (4 yrs old) and it has been through hell and back and it still looks fantastic!....I was going to sell it, but I just couldn't! I think you have a great deal on your hands, ($158.00!! for a Hogan!) you can always return it if you end up not liking the style?!
    (39) Hogan Leather Tote - 975.JPG
  8. That's an adorable bag. You should go for it!
  9. Go for it! Hogan is a division of Tod's. It's great quality and it's a really nice bag. Buy it and enjoy it!
  10. I have had numerous Hogan bags, and they are fabulous. I definitely would get that one for the price...it's a steal! Their Scout bags are great, too!
  11. Great price, if you like it go ahead!