Hogan Bags

  1. Ok, so I got my new issue of Marie Claire and there's a cute Hogan purse in YELLOW! I know that Hogan is a off-shoot of Tod's. Does anyone know anything more about their purses... How's the quality? What are they usually lined with? How do they hold up?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Ummm.....missy, you aren't helping out those of us that are on bag restriction, ya know! :lol:
  3. I ONLY ASKED about the purse. I did NOT say I was BUYING the purse.:amuse:
  4. LOL
    you're still tempting! it's like look but you can't touch!
  5. ^^ Just pretend I'm a stripper--isn't what they say? Anyways, can't I look?!? I didn't BUY.
  6. LOL, it is the purseblog after all. :P
  7. Love the look of the Hogan bags, but the two styles I found particularly tempting were lined in an awful awning stripe canvas that killed the deal for me. I'm not sure if the new spring bags have the same lining, but the Hogan "shopping bag" I admired at Saks a couple of weeks ago had the hideous stripes inside...
  8. hogan has the same exact quality of tod's although hogan is designed for younger people. so don't worry, it is not a 'second' line
  9. I like the awning stripe lining in the bags. I have a Hogan shopper and it holds up fine. Mine is suede fringe, I treated it with a waterproofer by Ugg and it still looks great.
  10. Hogan is definitely not a lower quality line of Tod's. It's as good just different style. I don't have any Hogan bags but we have quite a few pairs of their shoes, the most comfortable shoes we've had. Great quality!
  11. I have four Hogan bags, and the quality is outstanding. I have three Scouts and a Shopper. They have different leather types (yellow Scout is pebbled, gold is smooth, mahogany is "distressed") but the leathers are amazing. Some of the bags are striped inside and some are plain...I think they vary this by season. The leathers are like butter, very slouchy and soft, but hold up really well. My gold bag is the one I have used the most and still looks brand new. Happy to give more info...just ask.
  12. Hogan is definitely a good quality. Admittedly I only have one bag, but the leather has held up well. Mine does not have the stripe lining, but I do like stripes! I don't know if I should check out this new Marie Claire, given that I can't shop for bags any more this year! I wouldn't mind getting another Hogan...