Hoff's Ex Lays Courthouse Smackdown on TMZ

  1. Maybe this is why the Hoff got custody?

    Posted Aug 6th 2007 1:57PM by TMZ Staff

    [​IMG]She hit and ran outside of court, while facing a hit and run charge inside -- will Pamela Bach ever learn?

    TMZ was in L.A. County Superior Court just moments ago, when a judge gave David Hasselhoff's ex-wife until Friday to get herself booked related to a hit and run charge -- which means fingerprints and a mugshot -- or else he'll "take it to the next level." Translation -- he'll issue a warrant for her arrest! This is the third time Bach has been ordered to turn herself in for this case.

    After Bach spotted and then swatted TMZ's camera, Hoff's ex ran and hid -- and didn't make it to court today. Bach's most recent lawyer, however, was there on her behalf to face Nicole Valdez, a woman who claims Bach smashed into her 2006 Volkswagen Jetta back in January and fled the scene without leaving a note. A witness later connected Bach to the crash.

    Valdez told the judge that she wants a formal apology for the alleged harassment and inconvenience Bach has caused her, as well as $2,907 for the damage. Bach's lawyer told the court that Bach is "willing to make an apology and the check is ready."
  2. She shouldn't have done that.

    Whatever she's going through is her own personal business and it was wrong for her to put her hands in the TMZ camera operator's 'face' like that.

    (The article said 'spotted and swatted' so I'm assuming she walked out of the courtroom, noticed it was there and walked over to it.)

    Now if the camera had been right in her face, maybe I could understand her wanting to do something.
  3. ZZZZzzzzzzz........ok, wake me when ANYTHING about or related to D.Hasselhoff is interesting.......lol!
  4. I'm more shocked that she has a hit and run on her record! Who cares she smacked a camera, but a hit and run!?
    No wonder she didn't get custody.
  5. ^^ I guess now she's going to have to add assault to her rap sheet!