HOF-Significance or Indentity Milgrain

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Significane or Identity

  1. Significance

  2. Identity Milgrain

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi everybody,I already posted for help with my new ering already. I was going to get Significance, but then today, when I came to the store again and they show me another design from HOF " Identity Milgrain Solitaire". And right now I'm kinda like it a lot too. The Significance is elegant and detailed. The Identity is kinda more modern but still has a vintage look a bit since it has milgrain too. Please vote for which one u think looks nicer :smile: TIA gals

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  2. I like the one with the Halo better!
  3. If you have a larger stone, the first setting will look drop dead gorgeous. Say if you look at the attached picture, imaging moving the 2nd picture's stone and dropping it into the 1st setting's picture. Those proportions will look amazing.

    I had halos once, it ended up looking too "busy" as time went by for me.
  4. Definitely the signficance.
  5. I have the significance! It was a reset from my original. My stone is 1.25 (not a HOF) and I love the new setting. If you do a search on TPF, rising sun's is a lttle bigger than mine and she posted amazing pictures of it.
  6. I love the Halo!
  7. Out of the two, I prefer the first one. I like to see the beauty of the center diamond and Halo's distract from it IMO (too much going on).
    Really, it's up to what you feel looks best on your hand and which style suits you better. Those two settings are very different.
    I know that Halo settings are very popular these days, but ask yourself whether or not you will tire of it quickly.
  8. I'm happy to hear that you got your ring! I hope you are enjoying it as much as I enjoy mine.

    My vote is for the Significance, as that is my ring. If you would like to see pics, just let me know;)
  9. halo !
  10. halo all the way ...
  11. Thanks very much. You all are so sweet here. Purseforum is like my second family lol. I keep on logging in so many times a day!!!:angel: