HoF Reading - Sale ends 25th July

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  1. hurry and buy your bargain before they all run out. anyone still looking for a sale bargain.
  2. Silly question, but, do you have shares in HoF, Nifferkins? :amuse:
  3. Be nice if they stuck the extra 10% on for the end of sales..

    Thanks for posting x
  4. ha ha no. its my local and only mulberry. there are alot of us on the purse forum we are keeping in touch with local mulberry here.
  5. ^^ Just rang our local HoF but there isn't anything left I'd fancy. I am now waiting to hear from them when they get their new stock...:graucho:
  6. well whenh sale goes they will need something to out in its place. have you seen the bits online. looks nice. they have a book of the new collection in reading. looks amazing!
  7. what were you after?
  8. ^^ Mitzy Medium Hobo in Rouge Noir!!! They don't know yet what's coming in but said they'd ring as soon as they know. Gonna be away for two weeks now so no Mulberry for the time being but will probably be gagging for some Mulberry action once I'm back home...:P
  9. Thanks for heads up on this. Will they reduce their sale stock further if they have stock left or does it just get put away for another sale time does anyone know?
  10. Brown Thomas (the country cousins) have Rouge Noir Mitzys in stock:biggrin: I tried it on again today:nuts: -very nice
    The pricing is funny though-large Hobos are 595 euro, mediums are 550 euro while the messenger style is 420 euro(and it's much the same size as the medium!)
  11. What did you pick up in the sales Nifferkins? HOF Reading is my local too
    - I was dragged away by DH on Sunday to look at bed linen !! Shame his feminine side doesn't stretch to bags :pout:
  12. So which one did you go for? :biggrin:
  13. None yet-I'm very keen on a Rouge Noir Bays and hope to see one in Glasgow next week...
  14. It's my local too Slowhand! AND I was in there on Sunday as well! The SA's in there are so lovely aren't they. Maybe we should start a Reading HoF appreciation sub-forum.....:biggrin:

    I bought the black Somerset shoulder with silver h/w and a silver libra keyring - a steal at £18!:yahoo:
  15. Be interesting to see what you think. I'm liking the look of the Rouge Noir EW Bays, but after my disappointment with the crimson spazz version when I got to see it IRL I'm trying not to get my hopes up! I wonder how the wrinkled patent will compare with spazzalato??