HOF discount days?

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  1. Hiya
    I am wondering if the HOF do discount days like Debenhams do. If so does anyone know what sort of % off they do and if Mulberry are included in the discount.

  2. You mean like Debenhams' blue cross day, one day 20% off etc? I think HOF is more likely just set the sale period rather than one off days here and there as far as I know. However sometimes they do HOF card holder deal (10% off, £25off etc) - whether Mulberry is included or not seems like depends on the shop.

    You need to talk to your HOF and find out - get the concession's phone number in hand & when somebody post on deal thread for HoF just phone them and ask!! Nothing to lose... ;)
  3. HOF card holder extra 10% off is Thursday, if that is what you mean.
  4. I remember they had 20% off the last weekend in the sale last Christmas (mine is at Croydon). When I spoke the the SA the other day she was sure that they will be having a 10% off again but not sure if there will be 20% off. Harrods had 10% off everything last weekend so you just have to keep checking.
  5. Thanks all.