HOF 70 % off sale bags !!!

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  1. Went into House of fraser today and they were running a promotion on the mulberry bags, a further 20% off if you used your store card :nuts:

    They had an orange poppy at 50% off, with the promotion it was 70% off,

    lots of other bags also at 50% off...
  2. :faint:
  3. Is it online ? I can't seem to get on to the site - maybe all the tpfers have crashed the site ......anyone there , anyone ? :tumbleweed:
  4. Was really excited :yahoo:until i realized that i don't have a HOF card :faint:
    Is it too late to apply? :nuts:
  5. I don't think they do online sales of Mulberry?
  6. ^^^ no they don't, you need to go to a store that stocks them, and pay with a frasers card.
  7. hullo just have to say that works out to 60% off (further 20% off the 50% price) Its still a good deal!

    I bet all TPF girls have raided their local HOFs hehe
  8. What like travel to a store and like park and then push through crowds and queue and stuff .....how quaint !
    probably just as well otherwise my kids wouldn't be eating either :tdown:
  9. So it does ;)...I got so exited at seeing the extra 20% sign, didn`t think to work it out !

    Offer is running in all stores until sunday (God I should be on commision :P!!)
  10. No but they do have some nice swirly Paul Smith bags :tup:...I love these bags...roll on summer!!!
  11. hehe! Yes you should!

  12. my HOF (Bath) no longer stocks Mulberry, can you believe that! So I won't be felling old ladies in my rush to get in there & get my 60 per cent off bag.....but thanks anyway Taz.
  13. OH NO!:nuts: You just had to post that!!!:roflmfao:
  14. Wow what a great deal, shame my local little H of F doesnt stock mulberry!
  15. I don't even know where my nearest HoF is??!!! There isn't one in Peterborough or Cambridge!!!