Hodgkins Illnois not Jax???

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  1. All my orders (because for some reason they divided them up and are shopping them separate) say they are coming from Hodgkins Illinois. So does this mean that my items are coming from Coach stores not Jax??
  2. hmmmm this happened to me when they exhcnaged my damanged laila for a new one....tracking said it was shipping from NJ but label on box said FL
  3. Just happened to me this week. Hmmm
  4. It's a hub. They don't seem to be getting scanned until they arrive there. Do you live near there? I do, so I didn't think anything odd about it... especially with other comments people have been making that their Coach UPS packages aren't getting scanned.

    ETA: I can't imagine all pkgs are coming from stores near Hodgkins.
  5. I also live in the area of Hodgkins IL and there are no Coach facilities there but it does have a gigantic United Parcel Service sorting and distribution center.
  6. That's a very large ups center there. I'm pretty sure the packages are being sent through there because that hub feeds into many smaller ups centers that will ship packages to widespread locations. I don't know if jax is just sending packages there but since they're using ups it's likely.
    Thanks to my dh I have way too much inside ups information. Lol.
  7. That's happening to all of my "ground" Coach UPS shipments these days. No scan for 24+ hours then it shows up in Hodgkins, IL and then next day gets delivered to me (I live in NW Ohio.)

    It was kind of irritating at first with no origin scans for 24+ hours after shipping confirmation, but I'm used to it now LOL. I still get the bag within 2 business days and that's all that really matters in the end.

    ETA: I don't have the no-scanning issue with other merchants' UPS shipments, so it seems to be something specific to the way Coach shipments are being handled.
  8. No I don't live in Illinois but this gives me hope!! I hope that is the case with them not getting scanned because i want my duffle to be in good shape! My husband ordered both our mothers Coach Wallets and both of them came today separated from the rest of his order and both were from a store and both of the Coach logos on the front of the wallet were crooked as can be and unacceptable for gifts.
  9. Here's a pic if you would like to see!


    And here is the second one! I can't give that for a gift!