Hodgeson Espadrille

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  1. Hello All,

    I was wondering if anyone owns the Hodgeson espadrille?

    They look really nice but I've heard that they're very very narrow, which is a big concern to me. I was wondering if anyone who actually has them would agree? Are they worth the price since there's issue with the sides coming apart?

  2. I bought this pair with the white leather. Exchanged the first pair as the seams were coming apart on one shoe after the first wear! Hopefully my second pair works out better.

    They are a little narrow but not too terrible. I have relatively wide feet and I'm hoping the leather will give a little over time. I went half a size up. Good luck!
  3. Oh the white leather sounds gorgeous. I know I'm a size 37 in Chanel and have heard to go 1-2 sizes up so it looks like with my wife feet I'll be going with a 38 lol
  4. I have purchased these as the NM sa thinks they're perfect for my style (I love Burberry and live a very casual sahm life in the burbs) I've been super nervous to wear them out of the house in case their too snug - I even texted the the NM sa and she's adamant that they'll give.