Hockey 2010 - 2011 Season 1st Period

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  1. The new season is almost upon us. Let the hockey begin!!:yahoo:
  2. Did anyone see the banner at the top of NHL?? It says you can win a chance to PURCHASE tickets to the Winter Classic. Seriously?? WTF kind of contest is that??? Are you telling me the NHL cannot afford to set aside two tickets in an entire stadium?? I need a facepalm smiley!
  3. Pittsburgh's games are playing at 1:00 AM and 2 AM - I am thinking I will not be staying awake to watch those!
  4. I'll post it over here too. Here's the NHL network pre-season schedule.

    Yay for hockey!!!!
  5. Woohoo hockey! :dothewave:
  6. I entered myself in that contest...but I barely win a door prize at a bridal shower, I doubt I'm going to win that contest :lol:
  7. It bothered me as well. What kind of lame contest only offers a chance to buy tickets. I can't figure out photo bucket links on the iPad or I'd add the smiley
  8. Yay for hockey! And thanks for posting the schedule!
  9. Well you can always stand outside and buy them from the scalpers since essentially that's all the contest is doing. :biggrin:
  10. :party:
  11. As a matter of pre-season business, will we be nominating any boys to Hot Shinny team? If he makes the roster, I believe I am obligated to nominate Viktor Stalberg. I think Purseproblm would second the nomination, as she has already called dibs.


  12. ^He has pretty eyes..he's got my vote.
  13. Oh wow. I didn't even notice that this was a new thread haha. I was at the list of all the different subforums (GD, The Beauty Bar, etc) and this was the one in GD with the most recent post so I clicked on it, thinking it was the old thread and I went to go to the previous page to see what I missed and there were no page numbers at the bottom. I was like.. whaaaat? Then I realized that this is a new thread! YAAAAAAAAAAY! Hockey! The Flames' first preseason game is tomorrow and it is televised here!
  14. University of Vermont grows them hot....first Sharpie than Stalberg.
  15. Oh I vote for him as well!!! Maybe we need an all new team for the new season.....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.