Hockey 2009 - 2010 season...2nd OT!

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  1. Do you love hockey? Do you really love hockey? Do you weigh buying a new bag versus buying a jersey or tickets? ;)

    If you do, this this the thread for you!

    We're now starting the 2nd overtime. :yahoo:

    Stock up on snacks and beverages and join the fun, tPF hockey fans! :biggrin:
  2. Thanks Commish!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off to change the siggy link!
  3. Yahhh!!! Go Canucks!! :choochoo:
  4. Yahoo, Thrashers!!!:yahoo:
  5. Crazy-we have three games this week all away-Wednesday (CO Avalance) Friday (MN Wild) and Saturday (Chicago)
    After the Olympic break we have 12 games at home in March! Woo-hoo! :yahoo:
  6. Yeah, can't wait for 'Nucks to have another home game, but not till March 14th!! :nuts:
  7. Stars are on the road for 3 games this week too...:yes: Creepy..... hahaah
  8. Woohoo! Let's Go Pens! Get your sh*t together! :lol:
  9. Lightning up 1-0 over Canucks...end of 1st period.
  10. The Thrashers called up Kari Lehtonen after conditioning for two weeks in the AHL. I wonder how he'll fit into the picture with Moose and Pavelec. I don't see us letting either one of them go! I love Moose and Pavelec is the future-he's so young.:nogood:
  11. :lol:

    HAHA Ribby's hair in the warm up...hahahaah Dang I wish I had a pic of that!
  12. OT/ I'm watching American Idol, and I want crazy, crazy, Paula back...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.