hobos sagging??

  1. So I just got the petwer hobo today and I decided to wear it out to the grocery store and kind of found it annyoing that the zipper pull -when its not zipped- hangs up near the handles. anyone else notice the same with the hobos?

    and I didnt realize that the hobo hung so low -does that even make sence- LOL

    crap, I love the color so much.
    I might have to ebay it tommorrow and search for a first in petwer instead :heart:
  2. Hi Bella, do you have a picture - i've never seen this combination.
  3. I just checked out my indigo hobo and noticed that the zipper hangs that way because you can open it further than if it was shorter and didn't have that bit of extra near the handle. (if that makes sense). i think it's kind of cool.

    Do you feel like it hangs too low for you bella? I like the size myself, but it's more functional than glam.

    Do you have a pic of you wearing it? it's a rare find, so I'm sure others will snap it up if you don't want it anymore, but maybe think about it:smile:
  4. ^ yes im going to take pics of what im talking about tommorrow, I know when I talk -rather type- what I want to convey comes out sloppy LOL...Ill take pics of it worn as well. it kind of hangs lower then what im used to. im 5'5 and it hangs near my hip which is odd for me, Im used to a large bulga bag doing that, but not a balenciaga bag..could be the soft leather
  5. which combo? the bags style + color or the fact that it hangs lower then what im used to + the zipper thingy? :biggrin:
  6. You know, not that I"m an expert, but I had the same issue when I tried on the Day at the store. It hung too low on me - I'm 5'6". So the wallet would fall to the bottom of that bag and hang just above my hips. That's a hassle for me, so I took a pass on the Day. (Not that I won't circle back and get one eventually.)

    So now I'm looking for a Purse or maybe a Twiggy...something 'shallow' so I can get my stuff without reaching all the way down to my armpits to dig in the bag, kwim?
  7. Oops, I meant the colour + style! lol
  8. wow, gorgeous color! i just got a day bag too and i kinda like the way it hangs low. I'm short (5 ' 3"), and the bag would normally look gigantic on me if it didn't hang....somehow when it hangs low it looks smaller and narrower to me, just long, if you know what I mean?
  9. yeah, I know, but I need something was structure, so im selling it.