Hobos - Do you usually go for the Large or Medium Size?

  1. Do you usually go for the large or medium size hobos? Lately, I'm attracted to larger hobos...however, I'd like to use them for dinner or for an evening out and I'm think the larger ones might be a bit harder to use for such occassions...which size do you go for?
  2. i go for mediums because those are big to begin with. the larges are always massive!
  3. I usually go for medium sized bags, but right now I'm torn between the small and medium belted hobo. Large would be way too big for me!
  4. And ONCE AGAIN, I agree w/ YOU!!!! I always go for the medium size as well...I dont carry enough to fill up a large bag and the bag ends up slouching or denting in all the wrong places and looks sloppy on me! To me, the large are always massive as well!!!!
  5. large for me. Ive got lots of schtuff!
  6. OMG!!!! I LOVE your dog!!!!! GREAT signature, KIMMIE!!!!! :tup:
  7. definitely large, but i am a large bag lover, so medium just wouldn't work for me anyways...
  8. Large because I tend to carry way too much around with me.
  9. I love the way the hobo slouches and I have lots of stuff..I have an older large one. It was my first Coach purchase. black on black signature with a python handle. Lovely!
  10. My first Coach was a Black on black large signature hobo with a Python strap. beautiful bag! I still love it to this day.I would go large all the way.
  11. oops sorry for dbl posting.
  12. I love the large ones. I have 2 large ergo hobos and I did have a large Soho hobo..

    I do like the medium ergo hobos too.. but I like the way the large slouches more.
  13. I wore a lagre but it was almost TOO big so I gotta say the medium size for me!
  14. I just bought the chelsea hobo and I went for large. :tup: I am not really a huge bag lover, but I am 5'10" and it slouches in all the right places.. after owning a large carly this bag is nothing!!!! ;)
  15. I've always been a big bag girl but have been moving toward the medium bags now that my kids are out of diapers. I'm still the family sherpa but am trying to scale down. I did pick the large vintage ergo hobo, though, and I love it because it holds a ton of stuff but doesn't look like a big bag. Also, things don't get lost in the bottom of it the way they do in some other bags.