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  1. Where can I get a good deal on a Marc Jacobs Hobo? I'm still new to MJ so I don't have a particular style to reference, I just would like to find something that is a hobo shape, preferably not black, and quilted.

    I've looked at eBay but with all the sales going on I thought maybe someone could advise me on where I could pick up a new one!


  2. I think the Christy is also considered a hobo. These were marked down recently 40% off at Nordies. If you like that style you may want to call around. Cheryl posted hers in the link above.

    I consider "The Sling" bag and the Multipocket hobos as well. You can probably found these at outlets or on ebay for relatively good prices.
  3. AT off 5th they have the newbury hobo in cocoa - several locations - San Fran for sure. Right at 400 with the 30% off coupon. It is my fav MJ bag to date!
  4. luvpurses24: where did you find that pic of the yellow hobo? also, do you knwo how large it is?
  5. there is a christy on ebay finds/deals thread in a lovely shade of blue.


  6. WOW, where have I been?!?!? I didn't realize there was an off 5th in SF- I thought the closest was in Milpitas!

    THANK YOU!!!!!
  7. Nordstrom rack sometimes carries MJs.. you have to check periodically. They might be getting a shipment this Friday. I believe there's a NR in SF and another in San Leandro.
  8. I found the picture in this thread:


    I actually own this hobo. I measured it for you...the approximate measurements are: 15 inches wide, 12 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches deep. It's kind of hard to measure a hobo since it's not very structured so those measurements are basically at the widest points of the bag.

    In this thread, you'll find a couple of pics of my hobo:


    Hope this info helps!
  9. luvpurses24: what can you fit in it? is it a bag you could carry everyday? do you use it when you have a lighter load?
  10. You can definitely fit a lot into it...all the normal stuff. I'll try to take pics later today. It's very comfortable on the shoulder since it has a thick strap. It doesn't feel that heavy either. If I remember correctly, there were actually 2 sizes for this particular hobo. I have the smaller one.

    I could use this bag everyday but I don't because of the color. I love the Butter color and actually find it very neutral. But it just doesn't seem to be blending with any of my fall/winter wardrobe. I find I use it more in the Spring/Summer.