HOBO... the way to go?

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  1. Ahhhhhh gosh... once you have one, you want more!

    I recently got my first B-bag (05' Blue Twiggy) and now want to get a Day...

    Can anyone point out less obvious differences between the two?

    Whats the day like? Size difference to a Twiggy, praciticality etc?

    The Day is gorgeous...




    - Jo -
  2. By the way... can anyone tell me the name difference between these two bags (see pics)

    They obviously look different, but the first pic is being referred to as a "Hobo" and the second pic is a "Hobo Day"

    Is that the correct name for them both?

    I'm not looking to buy either of these as they are on ebay and I'm paranoid about buying from there... but just want to find out the correct names for them both
  3. Hi, there the first is the "shrug" it's a hobostyle the second is the regular "day" sometimes only called "hobo". I love the "day" and really think it's more practical than the shrug...I prefer the zipper to the flap and absolutely need the outerpocket;
    I've started awhole thread on the day check it out there are a lot of inspiring pics and comments.

  4. Thanks for the clarification... the day is cool - the shrug is a step away from the norm...

    The day is awsome though - I'll check out your thread!

  5. I go back and forth between which one I like better, but right now I actually prefer my city because I am constantly having to dig for things in my day and I hate that!
  6. I have a bunch of day bags and used to own a twiggy. The twiggy did have the advantage of being able to find stuff easier in it, but that didn't stop me from carrying my day bag more. I love the day bag because it looks great nearly empty and almost full. Its really easy to carry and get in and out of - its the perfect shopping bag because you can just toss what you've purchased into it instead of carrying tons of little bags (unless you've just bought shoes or a down puffer - those won't fit very well).
  7. Yeah, its a really hard descision...

    The day looks amazing... I like the shrug coz its different...

    I'm not too daring with colours, but I've seen the day in red (rouille?) and I rekon its gorgeous

    I'll probably just end up getting both...

    The Twiggy was an awsome first bag to get, I was drooling over that style for months before I got it
  8. you should also check LP's blog : atelier.naff
    you'll see a lot of b bags to drool over :P
  9. I still cant cant get over the huge 07' hardware...
  10. i like the look of the day, but the zipper is hard to manage. i don't think the day will hold nearly as much, but it can be cute
  11. Here's my Shrug for comparison.

    Attached Files:

  12. i am a very big fan of the Day..very cute bag and it looks great with just about anything! it can hold a ton, or as little as you want, but it still holds it's shape! the dtrap on the Day, i also find, very easy to stay on the shoulder unlike a few other bags. Very comfortable to wear!
  13. Love it!

    Considering that this bag has the recepit from Balenciaga NY, I'm confident that its legit...

    The shrug or day seems like more of a practical bag for me and I'm loving the one handle only