Hobo strap owners, where you at!?

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  1. Im dying to see the hobo strap on a MA or a MAM. We all know how the Elisha straps look and I'm so curious to see how the hobo strap looks. Anyone have one? Pics?
  2. BUMP! Come on ladies! I know one of you has to have this strap! :yes:
  3. I'm wanting to know as well. The RM site says that the Hobo strap is for the MA MINI. I have a feeling it would look strange on the regular size because it's so short. I'm ordering the Elisha as soon as they put up the color I need - Night.
  4. I'm very curious as well! Somebody had to have gotten a strap by now.
  5. I've been wanting to order a Hobo strap for my Mini MA but the strap is available and the chain isn't so I'm not making 2 orders and I'm just waiting. They didn't seem to have any real idea when gold chains would come in.
  6. Edit: I was wrong the website states for both the regular and mini sizes!
  7. I will have my Hobo strap in less than two weeks, and will post pics, if that helps. I, too, cannot wait to see how it will work - .
  8. ^Yay! Thanks, Indiaink! I look forward to your yummy Tangerine MAM and Hobo strap!
  9. Are the hobo straps adjustable?
  10. No.
  11. Ok, thanks. I will have to pass on the strap, I am short and need a adjustable strap.
  12. the elisha strap is too short for me but the elisha is great.