Hobo sadness

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397922737.901150.jpg

    Looks like my lovely hobo suffered from a cat attack. Bad bad Max!!!!

    I have only carried this about five times. Anyone looking for a cat?? Free to good home!!!!
  2. Oh no!!!!!! :crybaby::cry::rain::shucks::pout::nono::cursing:
  3. I think that can be fixed to where it is totally unnoticable. There are glues in the craft section of stores like walmart or craft stores like Michael's that can be used.....I think what I used might have been a fabric glue rather than a leather glue. I've repaired damage that looked like that and it turned out fine.

    Since the leather pebbled / textured, that will help disguise the damage too.
  4. Oh no! Since it's black and pebbled that might make it less noticeable to others. My cat chewed the corner of a brand new bag that I was planning on returning 😯😯 because of that I kept it and sold it on eBay a few years later. Weirdly enough I have never had a problem with my dog ruining my bags!
  5. It is not horribly noticeable except to me. Kind of hidden with pebbled leather and slouch of the bag. I am more just irritated. It was hanging on a hook in my closet so Mr. Destructo Kitty must have worked hard to get at it!
  6. Oh no! This is my greatest fear!!! I totally feel your pain. My three cats have trashed more stuff in my house than my dogs (including all the fosters!) ever have. If they haven't scratched it, they've barfed on it. :sad: I have a special spot in my closet that I keep my bag of the day where the cats cannot reach it for just this reason. I keep telling them that they have ruined a good life for many other cats because I will be sticking to dogs when they go to kitty heaven! Lol!
  7. Oh kitty kitty! My cat has never touched any of my bags other than smelling them...maybe he thinks I have poor taste!
  8. Oh, I'm so sorry! My cat has never attacked any of my purses. He's not much of scratcher. He loves shoes! But he mostly hugs them. One time he fell asleep hugging my Courtenay. I would have been so upset if he scratched it.

    He is a champion barfer! I have to clean the carpet every other day.

    I have several carpets that were ripped up by my previous cat. She was a sweetie I didn't have the heart to stop her from scratching my rugs.
  9. He is a sweet very fat little boy that won't be a year old until August. It is beyond comprehension how he could get his tubby Garfield-like self up to the hook to scratch at my bag. LOL.

    I am upset, but hey ho, he has kept the mice out of my house which means that I no longer have a five foot snake in my laundry room. Given that my exterminator couldn't seem to make that happen, a hobo seems like a small price to pay in the end for ridding my house of snakes!

    That being said, my closet door is now barricaded and the little stinker won't even be allowed in the same room as my bags!!! But I still love him. Chunky the death cat.
  10. Here is Twinkie hugging Courtenay and playing with a Coach shoe.

    We got our first cat because we had a problem with mice. They are annoying but loveable, aren't they?

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    Hey, if your cat is keeping the mice AND snakes away, I would buy him a hobo to do whatever he pleases with it! :lol:

  12. Awwww. So sweet. I have always been a dog person until the snake drama. LOL. Now I adore my little ninjas!!

  13. You are right. It doesn't begin to compare to the money I spent on new clothes because I refused to do laundry for six weeks.
  14. Awwww I love him! What a cute little champion barfer! Geez cats are so annoying sometimes but then they make up for it and you forgive all their bad behavior.
  15. My 3 little pigs have ruined quite a few things in their 9 years. I know as they continue to age they will ruin much more. The cats just love to destroy my house and personal belongings. I guess you can't have anything nice when there are cats in the house. But they're just so darn cute!