Hobo owners... jacquard fabric or leather?

  1. I am ready to purchase a new hobo but I am wondering if I should get the leather or jacquard. I really like the signature print but for those of you who own one.... does the fabric loosen up and relax over time? I know the leather will just get softer and softer but I have never had the fabric and it is really appealing to me right now. I put all my stuff in one in the store the other day and I really liked it but I am wondering if that fabric stays a little stiff? If it does soften up, how long does it take?
  2. I have the leather ergo hobo and I love it. I don't know about the signature, but this bag seems to really hang nicely with time.
  3. I don't really know but I don't think that fabric softens or slouches very well. I would rather have a leather bag.
  4. Ihad both. I sold the leather which I wish I never did. The leather is a better choice.
  5. I have two large hobo's in signature - and they soften up alot and really conform to the way they're held. My next hobo will be leather - I want a small white leather hobo - lol. I love the signature hobo's.
  6. I just bought a small leather one in black (to go with my new skull keyfob, lol, yes I bought the bag to match the keyfob) Anyway, I love it! My mom has the large leather one in Camel and her's has softened up so much and hangs nicely. Mine is already softening up a bit too. My vote goes torwards leather!
  7. My hobo is suede - but I do have a soho signature flap bag and it has become very soft with age (been wearing it since February) - so I think you might be ok with a siggy one.
  8. i have the sig hobo in pear and i love it and with my old hobo it was about 7-8months before it became soft and at that point i sold it to get a new bag.
  9. I have the Soho large hobo in black leather, and I ADORE it! I think for signature items, I'll want to stick more with the tote shape. Don't know why...personal taste, I guess!
  10. I only have leather one, because I am biased toward Coach leather. If you're looking for the longevity of a bag, leather one is better because you can clean it with leather cleaner and soften it with moisturizer. Fabric bags tend to get dirty and no matter what you do, it will never be the same.
  11. Oh, this pear hobo is the one I want really bad! I really like the sig, I like the white straps on it but the leather one is nice too. I like the sig better but I think maybe the leather would be more practical? As far as keeping it clean.
  12. Thanks everyone for your replys, I really appreciate reading everyones opinions. I hope to hear from more people!
  13. My large hobos are in leather. Smaller ones are in signature.
  14. Exactly.

    However, my Legacy Shoulder bag in leather and signature has gotten really slouchy, while my leather shoulder zip is still a bit stiff.
  15. I got mine a tad dirty and the sig cleaner cleaned it right up!