Hobo owners - how do you get that slouchy look?

  1. I have been thinking about getting a hobo bag for some time and today was the first time that I tried on one IRL and my first reaction was :sick:. I found the bag very stiff near the top zipper. Is it because the bag is new and it will soften and become slouchy with use? Did you have to do anything to your bag to get it to be soft and slouchy, like I see in the photos? Or did I just try out a bag with bad, stiff leather? I still love the style and size, but I'm just not so much in love with the feel. Thanks.
  2. Just by wearing it! Mine is an '05 so I am not sure if it makes a difference, it did not take long at all to break mine in.

    The hobo is a great bag! I love mine (even though it is currently away being fixed).
  3. i agree w/ becca...by wearing your hobo more and more, the leather naturally breaks in...or you can always try apple guard and/or "massaging" your bag to speed up the process :smile:
  4. hi! Yes, it will probably soften with use, and also make sure to fill it up with stuff so that the weight pulls it down and sloughes the bag. Try the lubriderm or appleguard message technique...that REALLY makes the leather smooschier!
  5. putting some stuff in the bag helps a lot, so if you tried the bag empty (or worse yet, stuffed with paper), then that might be the issue, and the leather at the top loosens up quite quickly. it should be wonderful and slouchy in no time!
  6. Ok...I feel much better about getting the hobo now. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Actually, I did try out the bag empty and when it was stuffed with paper. I think that was why it felt so stiff. It's nice to know that it will soften up quickly.
  7. i always de-stuff a bag when i try it on, even if the salespeople in the snooty stores think i'm a nutjob for it. most good handbag SAs will do it for you when they see you eyeing a bag seriously, and the best ones will even encourage you to put your own stuff in it. because of the shape of the hobo, you'll most likely NEVER fill it, and it's not meant to be filled - stuffing it makes it look weird! the hobos loosen up nicely since the leather is so high-quality, don't be discouraged!
  8. Totally - I've had mine for about a week now (been using her exclusively) and its sooooo slouchy. When I put her on my desk, the top half - with no stuff in - just folds in on itself. Its so funny.
  9. i just got my ink hobo this morning~~absolutely love the style~it looks very cool with jeans!!!!!!!
  10. It will soften as you use her. I love my hobo, it's so light even when it's full. The hobo looks very different when it's empty vs. when you have a few items in there.