Hobo or Edith, that is the question...

  1. Hi girls,
    I am thinking to get the next chloe bag and cannot decide between blue HOBO and whisky EDITH. Would you girls help me to make the decision? TIA!:love:
    hobo.JPG Edith.JPG
  2. though i love the color blue in the hobo, i would say i prefer the style edith though im not a fan of the whiskey shade! that doesnt really help does it?:P
  3. I think you would get more "wear" out of the whiskey Edith – the colour is versatile, and the shape can be dressed-up or down. The hobo is casual only.
  4. Personally I think if you're going out, the whiskey edith or that blue hobo isn't going to look good. But for an everyday bag, I prefer the hobo (not in that blue)...so I'm going to pick the edith since I have to pick the whole bag and not bits and pieces.
  5. Whiskey Edith! Color can go with a lot, a very nice hand-held bag. But if you need something that can fit over the shoulder the Edith might not be for you.
  6. I'd got for the hobo, personally - a shoulder bag is way more practical than a hand held bag.:smile:

    I love that blue colour - and i think it would work on a night out with blacks, as well as casual day wear.

    Also, decide which goes best with your wardrobe colours - and ask yourself which will you get the most use out of?

    Whatever works for you is the best choice!:heart:
  7. Makes me more confused...No, just kiding ;)

    As far as I know, there are edith in blue, red and choco, but since I have a classic paddy in choco, so choco is out. And I am not a big fan of blue and red edith, so it seems whiskey is the only choice?:shrugs:

    Oh, they do have edith in kinda cream shade, since I have a vanilla paddy, cream color is out, too. :sweatdrop:
  8. I agree. Actually hobo is not my favorite chloe bag, but I love it in blue...:love:
  9. Since they both go with jeans and I already had two classic paddy, I would like to choose a chloe bag which is different. This one does not need to be a everyday bag, just for a change sometimes. I actually love classic paddy more than other style.
  10. You said it, chicky, most of the time, I wear jeans and love blue shade. I guess both will work on me. It's just they are so different style, though both are casual. So hard to decide!:P
  11. Here comes another question: which one weighs more? Hobo or Edith??? :confused1:
  12. How about Chamois...?

    Chloe -  Edith Pocket Tote, Large -  Neiman Marcus

    And....i would hazard a guess, that the hobo would be heavier than the Edith, because of the padlock...just a hunch.;)
  13. Whiskey Edith is so classic. You will be able to use it for SO long. It is a nice, versatile shape and color. the blue hobo is more of a fun night/day out bag to me. I think it depends on what you want it for! Both are beautiful!
  14. Chamois is nice but since I have one classic paddy in vanilla, so I will not consider some kinda shade which is similar.

    I guess you are right, Edith maybe lighter than hobo because there is no padlock. :rolleyes:
  15. I cannot resist the word you mentioned: classic. :love: I'd think about it. ;)
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