Hobo International Inc.

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  1. I've been insanely looking everywhere for the OFFICIAL website of Hobo International Inc. Mostly what I found was either a carrier of the brand but not the official site. I absolutely LOVE :love: Hobo International purses, LOVE them! If I could, I would have bought almost every single one I could find.

    Otherwise, I'd love it if someone knew the answer to this question. Thanks!:biggrin:
  2. http://www.hobobags.com/

    I love Hobo International Bags, ever since I saw the Vintage line in a small boutique in a LA, I fell in love.

    I definitely recommend checking out ebay for Hobo bags, they go pretty cheap all the time!
  3. I told ya someone could help you find the bags! Good job Chemlex!

    Welcome to the forum Roselly!!
  4. YAYYYYYY!!!! THANK YOU BOTH!! Now I'm gonna go shop like mad on ebay and hobo, hehe! :embarasse
  5. I'll do a Hobo International Ebay Finds post quite soon - it is yet another brand that not many people know about, so you can get the bags for significantly under retail on ebay.

    They make a lot of cute accessories and clutches - I seriously need the Double Framed Vintage Clutch.
  6. Welcome to the forums Roselly!
  7. i, too, love the hobo international lines. they are beautiful and functional. i just ordered their Bette wallet in sky from www.onelineshoes.com. And while i was there, i noticed that they had a fairly comprehensive selection of their new spring bags. i wish i could see these bags in person before i buy them but none of my local retailers carry them. the other site that you might try is www.zanadia.com . When I called hobo international, this is the online retailer that they suggested. my email correspondence with them has been very helpful. they seem to be able to order anything you want from the hobo site.
  8. my friend is an assistant designer over at Hobo Int. Hehe.. funny.
  9. I have that clutch. It's great! I used it as a wallet when I carry a large purse or if I'm traveling. But it's also big enough that I can slip my cell phone inside and just go with it! I think it's a good staple for everyone!
  10. They have really great accessories. I've seen them in Nordstrom and Bloomies.
  11. thanks for the web address. I love them as well. I have one or two and like them very much. I have this cute little coin purse bag that's great for clubbing and it has a removable wristlet strap so it can be used as regular coin purse as well. I'm off to the website!
  12. Some great-looking accessories there. However, I wish the Hobo website would give some kind of indication of the price.
  13. Wow, they have some beautiful bags. You can't order online though[?] :[
  14. Abandonedimages, kathleenbartin (poster a few posts above) mentioned zanadia.com. Also you can order some Hobo International bags on zappos.com and ebags.com.
  15. They do have pretty bags! Nice!