Hobo help

  1. Ladies,

    I need your suggestions. I need a bag for a budget as I'm feeling kinda weird toting my LV to school :shame:

    My fav bags right now would be the my blue LV Denim Baggy GM and the Balenciaga Day/Hobo/Brief with Giant Hardware (though so far I can't justify spending so much money on anything else than LV with everything else I'm kinda lowkey :p)


    What else is out there?!?! :confused1: Any input is highly appreciated. Thank you! :flowers:

    Btw, I'm pretty open to all colors. :p
  2. Am i right in thinking you want a 'cheaper' bag to take to school or just something more low key that people won't recognise?
  3. exactly :yes:

    I want something cheaper as my school bags get thrown around quite a bit and I don't want to worry about setting it on the floor, etc :shame:
  4. Whats' your budget?
  5. I'd say up to 200$ at the moment, but I'm sooo picky. lol. :shame:

    I went shopping today checking out H&M, Zara, Mango (MNG), etc and not one thing caught my eye. ugh. it's useless.
  6. my everyday bag is a Michael by Michael Kors east west satchel which is huge and carries all my stuff and my baby's. the reason I bought this one (off US eBay) is because I just can't worry about the bag all the time. I have to be able to put it on the floor without worrying about anything. it is pebbled leather and very very durable - not a single scratch yet. there are hobos as well I believe
  7. Tano? They hover around $200 and have similar styles and colors to the ones you like.
  8. i like the longchamp bags. :biggrin:
  9. Also maybe consider Tabitha bags - they are funky and practical and a lot of my students adore them.
  10. I think that there are so many great Tano bags in so many fabulous colors out there, that you could easily find one for your price. They are truly stunning handbags.
  11. Mara, ever thought about the George Gina & Lucy bags? The new collection is coming out in a month or so and there are some pretty nice shapes and colors.