Hobo Debuts At Raffaello...

  1. So whilst browsing online I stumbled upon the new HOBO Style. I know a lot of people have expressed interest in this style.

    I believe it's US$1295 but with the currency conversion they are selling it for US$1364

  2. Pretty! :love:
  3. If they made that style with reg hardware I would be all over it. I am not very fond of the giant hardware.
  4. glad to see i'm not the only one. the GH just seems too gaudy to me. i love the shape of the bag, though...
  5. At first, I wasn't too keen on it either ... but now I've really warmed up to it ... especially on the larger-sized (Part-Time & Work) bags. When I look at the "regular" bags after looking at the GH bags, I find them to look so plain ...
  6. I tried on an identical bag at NM over the weekend. It was lovely :love: Very nice size - not too big, not too small.

    I used to not like the GH but it has grown on me. I still don't like it on the bright colors but on the more neutral colors like black, white, marine, cafe, I think it looks great.
  7. I think Rafaello's prices are absurd though ... if you are in the States, there's really no sense buying from them unless you are really desperate for a particular bag that you have not been able to find anywhere ...
  8. r they even real??
  9. Raffaello sells authentic stuff, if that's what you're asking, yaya. A few tPFers have purchased from them.

    I really like that Hobo, but would really prefer it with regular hardware. Too bad they only make them with GH...
  10. Will this style be available in aquamarine?
  11. Super cute, unfortunately on purse ban :sad:
  12. I totally agree. The currency exchange is just way too high that even if they say something is on "special"/discounted it is still $200 expensive than if you buy it in the US.
  13. I'm not sure, I've only seen the white with the giant hardware. And sometime ago on eBay (I think it's still there) the Black hobo showed up.
  14. :yes:
  15. Its a super cute style. I would love I think. I am holding out for regular hardware (maybe next season) or maybe silver gh?