Hobo/Day too big?

  1. For me? 1st, let me tell u i was supposed to be in love with the Cornflower Box:love:... and then, i went shopping with Moe the other day...and after she tried on the Hobo/Day.. i fell in love with that too! :rant: Thing is... Moe's tall :girlsigh:*envious* and i'm short.. like.. 165cm? 5.4ft? something like that... and a size 6 or 5... Do u think it's too big for me...? :shame: was contemplating the Blueberry Hobo...
    last thing i want is a bag that makes me look stubbier than i already am....
  2. I am 160 cm, 5 3 and the day hobo looked GREAT on me! Because the hobo hangs and slouches, so it doesn't look as big as it does when it's laid out flat.
  3. really....!??!? :nuts: post pics of the hobo on u!!!!! all u others too!!! :flowers: pretty pleassseee!!!!! :tender:
  4. orinoco - if you love the HOBO/DAY - i reckon you should get one!!! wear it your way girl!!! i'm shorter than you!!! LOL, i'm just 5'1 and i'm planning to get a hobo/day... i think its an awesome bag!!! you can never have too many b-bags!!! woo hoo b-bags!!!!!
  5. I'm waiting for my rouge Day to come into the mail any day now!! :nuts: I'm 5'3" and hopefully it won't overwhelm me but I'm planning on taking it with me to vacay so I really need a big bag anyway. :P
  6. loove the hobo esp in black 05 leather
  7. orinoco, i'm a shorty too (only 5'2) & i don't think the hobo/day is too big on me either :yes:...if you like the style, you should go for it :wlae:

    p.s. i :heart: your avatar photo, scrat rocks!!!
  8. Wow Firstclass, I just love how the B-bags look on you!!

  9. Awwwwww Tanja .... thank you for the compliments :shame: ! I really love to wear these bags ;) :love:
  10. I just ordered a Day and I'm 5'2". I think a small girl can carry off a big bag more easily than a very tall girl can carry of a very small bag. But that's just IMO.
  11. WOW..!!! thanx for the feedback, girls!!!! :flowers:

    well.. i agree with u psueb, but i'm sorta chubby and standing next to moe i was like a mushroom :shame:
    aaallabama yeah i LOVE hobos and slouchy bags! :tender: SCRAT ROXX!!! he kinda looks like my x bf... :rolleyes: hehe... so i didin't go for good looks.. :shame:
    Irissy i was JUST thinking that! the good thing about slouchy bags is that u can put whatever u want in it and because it slouchest it won't look weird!
    heleNZ i'm a bbag virgin but i'm hoping thats going to change soon! :graucho: can't turn 21 and be a virgin, can i...? what colour are u thinking of getting??? :nuts:
    firstclass that green hobo just DID it for me! not many ppl can pull off that look like u can! :girlsigh:
  12. orinoco- rouge day was my first bbag. Here is a pic. I'm 5'9''

    (I love whoring my bag out ;)

  13. Tabbyco nice pic of your rouge day!! I have one coming along with a "money". I also have a black day on it's way, and a pewter on the shelf.
    Seems the day is becoming more popular I think. Last year this time, it seemed not many people had one. Then again, forums like this weren't as obssessively advanced as they are this year lol.
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