Hobo colors from pre-2006?

  1. I have become a bit obsessed with the day/hobo style lately and am wondering what colors are out there. I don't plan on buying a new one but am just curious. I have seen apple green, magenta, caramel, black, chocolate brown, teal, indigo, sky blue, ice blue, rouge, calcaire and bordeaux either on the board or on ebay. Anyone own one in a different color?
  2. i am pretty sure that all the colors starting with Spring 05 came in the day. that was the first season they produced it.
  3. by the way, in the 'kicking myself' department, i used to have a dolma green day and sold it. :sad:
  4. That helps! Thanks.

    But now am curious if any PFers have them in any other colors other than the ones listed? Got me thinking because of the thread below about a navy hobo.
  5. i love the hobo, i want to marry it. i want one sooo bad. i didn't realize they weren't made until 05.
  6. don't kick yourself. i am sure you sold it for a good reason. was it the style?
  7. i just posted a story in the general discussion about a woman in india marrying a snake so marrying a hobo is not that out there......:blink:
  8. oh, if i had a nickel for every bag i have sold and regretted ... (i'd have about a dollar! :graucho: ) but no, the day style is great - i'd love to find one again. i think it really depends on the style. i don't like it in black, for example, but i love it in sky blue! i'd love to find one in sky blue. (hint, hint)
  9. I have one in the 06 pale rose. I love it!! The bag is so comfortable to carry. I sure would love to own that 05 turq that is on Ebay right now.
  10. I have one in pewter that is tdf! I've also seen bronze and mettalic pink. The style is so easy to carry. It's more comfortable than my city.
  11. I forgot about the pewter. Is that the one from Ann's website? I forgot that there is a metallic rose on ebay. Haven't seen the bronze though...

    I love the style too -- I have rouille and am getting the '02 buckle one.
  12. Totally agree. I have a pale rose hobo from this year and I love love love the style!!! :love: It fits so nicely on your shoulder and you can fit so much in your bag without it looking like you have a ton in there! They are great!:yes:
  13. I have the hobo in the olive color.
  14. I love the style it's so comfortable to carry.
  15. I've seen the hobo in Emerald 06. Loved it. But I love the darker colors!