Hoarding: did anyone watch Oprah's show?

  1. I watched the first show and at first I was like :wtf:

    The woman on the show had amassed a HUGE pile of stuff and it was piled up all over her house. I mean there were tunnels in the house so they could walk through the stuff! I think she is way over the top; but how do you know if someone is normal or their way to being an Oprah guest? I shop a lot but my house is immaculate. I know people who keep everything too. When does it cross the line?

    Has anyone been a hoarder or known a hoarder?
  2. The second show was even worse: 3000 pairs of shoes, 6000 handbags. Yikes!
  3. I am watching this now. Speechless. They had mold all over the place.
  4. I know!!! Good Lawd!
    Mold and mice and God knows what else
  5. She is gonna have a nervous breakdown. They are going to have a rummage sale. Who would want any of that moldy, micey, disgusting stuff? She had to have like 10 tvs. I want to know how they fit all that stuff in their house? That was all literally crap!
  6. Ahhh i gotta watch this!
  7. My dad is an "I might need it one day" person. He keeps everything! I sometimes sneak in and throw out so much stuff from his house! Ugh. I tend to joke about it but deep down I worry about him a little bit. No tunnels in his house yet though! lol
  8. Moldy and micey stuff?
    Not cool.
  9. ^^^And that's coming from a "stinkey" monkey. LOL j/k

    My older sister is a hoarder. She hates throwing things out. It's sad, I could see her becoming like that woman from the show. Its a compulsive behavior. I am glad that woman got help, but I am afraid she might just start all over again.
  10. I read an article on this awhile ago and they think it may be chemical and genetic. I felt really bad for the people's children, both young and old. Can you imagine trying to help out an eldery parent in that condition.

    I have clutter issues probably because I have alot of areas I'm interested in. But I'm working on it. Shows like this scare me into shape!!
  11. There is a difference between someone who just has too much stuff and someone who hoards. A hoarder is attached to their belongings and parting with something is like parting with part of themselves. They amass things that give them pleasure or things that are cheap or things that they find and they can't help themselves AT ALL.

    I watched Animal Precinct once where it was a cat hoarder and he had HUNDREDS of feral cats in his home and he TRIED to take care of them (special cages, etc), but you can't, of course. Poo and pee everywhere and many sickly ones. They all had names too. When one died, he put it in a ziploc, wrote their names on the bags and put them in a deep freezer - which no longer worked, but if the lid is closed, the stench is mostly contained... you can imagine.... OMG.... He had dozens of dead cats stored that way. Even in death he couldn't part with them.
  12. I didn't see the show, but my aunt is a hoarder. You literally cannot sit in her house because every surface is covered with stuff. She also gets upset with my parents for throwing away or "ruining" family "heirlooms".
  13. The older I get, the less clutter I want. I also don't want big collections of things anymore.
  14. I thought this might make for an interesting discussion since many of us here are collectors.

    berryblondeboys, you make a good point. There is a difference between a hoarder and a collector or a person who just has too much. but I wonder if a hoarder is aware of the problem or if they think they are just collecting....