Hoarding clothes in spring?

  1. I don't tend to buy much in the winter -- maybe a new coat and some necessities to fill out my wardrobe. But in the spring I go crazy! My bank statement is definitely hurting already and it's only March! I love spring/summer clothes but for some reason, I also feel like the warmth lasts forever so I have the urge to stock up. I really need to streamline my spring wardrobe.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe it's just because spring clothes are so cute!
  2. that is totally me! there were even times when i realized i was buying skirts and sandals and it would snow the next day. my SO is one of those people who buys stuff that he wants to use immediately, so he thinks im nuts for "hoarding" clothes for spring when it's barely spring yet....lol...i can't help it! they are all too cute! i blame stores for having spring stuff out so early.
  3. for some reason this topic reminded me of hibernation..... lol
    I can totally agree with you gals because once reading spring catalogues and magazines, I had one mission in life..... that was to buy all the cutest spring/summer stuff in my path!!

    I already started LOL
    I have my room overfilling with bags (uh oh hope my parents don't see) from my first 'real' 3-day shopping trip to celebrate the coming of spring
  4. I have the exact same problem :rolleyes: !!! Thank God Im not the only one suffering from this! It's awful :sweatdrop: . I go nuts in spring... There are so many things I want, and Im constanly thinking about what I'd like to buy.. its crazy!

    btw ^^^ I Looove your avatar PlushKitty, im smiling every time I see it :smile:
  5. hahaha you guys are my soul mates, I'm someone who hates winter clothes (yawn) other than coats and boots...

    But I just loveeee summer stuff, the colors, the cut, the dresses, cute tops... gosh... and the gorgeous prints...

    I live in Canada (which is like 80% cold/20% hot during the year) but all my prize possessions are my spring/summer stuff
  6. A co-worker just came into my office to show and tell me all about her Spring shopping spree yesterday. We were both so giddy!

    There is something about Spring that makes me want a fresh new start (even more so than New Years does), so I feel the need to start with my wardrobe! My birthday is next week, and I asked for a gift card, so I can go out and get all of the things on my list. Fingers crossed that this happens...and then happy birthday to me! :smile:
  7. i do the same thing, too... i think the spring colors make me happier! also, i think that in the spring, i start to shed my winter poundage, so i go crazy in the spring!
  8. I do this as well. Cute, summery tops are just so hard to resist!
  9. Me too! The winter clothes I have and use are mostly gifts. I love the light colours of summer and spring lines are usually so much more fun than winter. ^_^
  10. Me too! I don't buy a lot of winter stuff because I can't wear wool at all and 90 % of winter stuff involves wool. The worst part about it is, I live in a cold climate so I only get to wear my summer stuff about 3 months a year. :sad:
  11. That's how I am! I don't really get into winter clothes, but I love Spring shopping! It finally got warm here (like 75 degrees today!) and I'm thinking about doing some major shopping this weekend. I was thinking about heading to Lord and Taylor- I always find the cutest things there! Has anyone been in there lately? Do they have a lot of new Spring stuff?
  12. same here!! i started buying those too cute babydoll tops and new flats
  13. OK, I'll be the oddball weirdo here and say I am the exact opposite! don't get me wrong...i LOVE the new spring stuff, but around here I don't get much chance to wear it!

    So, I splurge on f/w stuff: yummy cashmere, boots, leather jackets, dark denim, scarves, gloves.

    Most of my really spring/summer stuff is j. crew on sale and basic tanks/t-shirts. Exception? Sandals and flip flops...I have a huge weakness for them and have way too many, hee hee.

    This year I'm getting a new sundress and trying to invest more in fun springy tops - love the new theory stuff for starters!
  14. i can hardly stop myself from buying in spring, especially DRESSES! i counted yesterday at the behest of my roommates and i have 7 summer-weight, knee-length, casual black dresses. i didn't even start counting the colors and patterns. they're so easy to put on and look so put-together without trying. i buy year-round in anticipation of wearing things in spring. i hate winter!
  15. I've been byuing a lot of tops and jackets for spring....and earrings too!!!!