Ho! Ho! Ho! Was Santa Good To You???

  1. Can't believe my PHH gave me this Cynthia Rowley Lenore for Christmas! I love her!! Anyone else out there get what they wanted??:yahoo:
    CR Lenore.JPG
  2. Can't complain, but i didn't get a purse, i didn't ask for one.
    I got a pair of Pradas, a Gucci belt and the Dior face care line...the cream, the serum, the cleanser
  3. I loved it, I got Vera Wang Princess, money, & LV speedy 30:wlae:
  4. I got a great Betsey Johnson messenger bag, which is the size and shape I've been drawn to lately. I was very impressed because I didn't ask for this! It's funky and roomy, will be perfect for spring!:yes:
  5. I didn't ask for a bag this year, but I ended up with Coach bag with matching wallet, a PINK digital camera, Versace sunglasses and a LV Looping mm. I guess I was a good girl this year. lol.
  6. Oh yeah, now i rememberd. I also got the Cavalli Snake glasses, the ones with the smaller lenses and frame, not the Vic. Beckham style, oversized glasses look good only if you have a huge forehead (which thank God i don't)...i love them!
  7. wow ladies... sounds great! well i bought myself the mj trish bag last week for xmas (should be here tomorrow) and the bf got me a really awesome mj watch and necklace. some diamond studs and books and what not. good you all got what you were wishing for!
  8. Yup! But I was Santa's assistant shopper. :shame:

    I got a Coach Mandy courier in Whiskey :love: and a Kale Utility Carryall XL in black.

    The black is really cool....kinda glossy, but not at all patent. Very pretty!
  9. Azur Speedy for me :love: :love: :love:
  10. No handbags for me this year but I gave my 21 yr. old niece Rachel, a Kooba Renee (which I found for a steal!) and she absolutely loves it!
  11. Santa did absolutely the right thing and backed off saying "I wouldn't begin to try and choose you a bag, you're far too picky for me to buy for . . .";). He knows women that bearded one!
  12. No handbags for me either...DH stuck to the purse ban!! But spring is just around the corner.........:yahoo:
  13. No bags for me either :sad:
  14. DH gave me a Nordstroms gift certificate to get the bag I've been wanting the past month. Guess I have to do all the ordering work, he said he "was afraid to get the wrong thing." Umm, even though I gave you the LINK.:shrugs: hehe. Anyway, it's ordered and on it's way to me from a store in San Fran.

    I also got a Limited Edition Trevor Carlton Giclee of Tinkerbell, I am a huge Tink/Disney fan. Oh, and I also got a beautiful LE tapestry for my dining room of Sleeping Beauty's Forest. So pretty.

    I also self Santa-ed myself a Cable Knit Juicy bag. :smile:

    My LAMB is on it's way!!!
  15. Glad to see another Betsey person on the forum. There are a few of us though. :p Great bag!

    The Bag Santa was good to me too! :jammin: I got an LV Speedy Mini Lin :yahoo: I went to the boutique before Christmas and had my eye on this bag. Decided to pick it up yesterday. (does that still count for Christmas? :lol: ) Stay tuned......I'll post in my showcase next week when I get my camera cord. Left it in AZ and don't want to buy another although I might just give in anyway :wlae: