ho ho ho, finally got LVgift for Mom (pic+ LVw/puppy pic!)

  1. Here is my puppy with "the box" from LV Boutique and the Trotteur handbag that I hope she'll like/love/use !
    woof !
    Mommy'sLouis.JPG Henry&Louis.JPG
  2. OMG I love the bag but that's the cutest puppy ever!! AWWWW!
  3. That is the cutest puppy!!! And nice LV, too!!
  4. love the puppy and bag...she will be soo happy that bag is so darling....love it!!!!!!
  5. cute dog, what kind of breed is it? what a nice gift to get for your mom, I know she will ove it!
  6. Awww that's sooo sweet of you, I'm sure your mum will love it:love: And Henry is sooo cute, is he a Maltese?:love:
  7. Ooh the Trotteur is very cute!
  8. OMG!!! The puppy is the cutest! Oh yeah, cute bag too! I'm only kidding! I think you'll mom will love it and what a great daughter you are.:flowers:
  9. Loooove the puppy! Too cute!
  10. love the puppy and the bag!
  11. Omg it is lovely.
  12. Wow, lucky Mom! =) Your puppy is adorable!
  13. Okay- you can give your mom the bag- what a great daughter...:flowers:
    and you can give me that puppy:yes:
  14. Awww, such a cute dog. Love the bag, I am sure your mom will love it!
  15. Very cute dog!!! I am sure your mom will love this bag!