hmwe46 needs a First: help me pick a color??


What color family First should I go for??

  1. Blue

  2. Green

  3. Neutral

  4. something else!!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok, gals, I have decided that my gorgeous tease of a Tomato must go back. It just doesn't work for me. The red it perfect, so I know it's not the bag's fault :p

    But I definitely need a first in my collection :yes:

    Here are the bags that "stuck":

    • 3 Works: Black, White, Grenat
    • 2 Cities: Black, Rouille (plus Magenta on the way)
    • 1 Oval: Cornflower
    • 1 Money: Cobalt/Aquamarine

    What color family should I go for??

    Blue: Ocean, Bleu Glacier, Cobalt, etc?
    Green: Vert Gazon, Apple if I can find it??
    Brown: something Taupe, Caramel, Camel, etc??

    any ideas would be great!!! :wlae:
  2. I vote for the VG/Apple family. On Firsts you're best able to carry off a color that POPs. Take full advantage!:yes:
  3. current Collection:

  4. How about something in the pink tone family?
    The colour I am drooling: lilac, bubblegum or rose :smile:
  5. I say, go for broke (literally!) and try to find either a mint '03 or '04 black with pewter hardware, or an '04 Rose, Marigold or Pumpkin. IMO, you just can't beat the '04 color palette for the First. Or, White. As you know, I love the bbag in White!
  6. seems like you're missing about vert gazon? very cute in the first
  7. Sandstone.
  8. Yep, you need a green! Vert gazon or AG!
  9. Oh, this is fun! I vote for something in the green family, apple green, pistachio, seafoam, emerald!!! YUMMY! I am drooling just thinking about these colors in a first!
  10. I agree with Deco. With a first you should pick a bright color that *POP*. Like hot pink or green. hmwe, was the tomato color unwearable?
  11. Pinks don't work for my fair/olive skin :crybaby: but I love them

    Black was a choice but I already have two and feel like I would be short-changing myself on a gorgey color :shrugs:

    Greens seem like a nice change of pace :yes: Trouble is I am drawn to the apple and that is soo hard to find :push: Mmmm, pistachio!!! :graucho:

    In my search for the perfect red bag I found that oddly enough red is too hard to work into my wardrobe but that rouille was spot-on perfect. Which I never would have guessed.

    What about the new Marigold-- if it ever gets here?!?!
  12. No, it's just me. :cool:

    My wardrobe turns out to have a lot of rich blues/greens in it and the red just clashes with that.

    The Emerald First actually went well with my color palatte but it was a bit too dark, whereas I was hoping for something bright. Like Deco said, that POP :yes:

    I want a First that is versitile enough to 'grab and go'.

  13. Don't lose hope on the AG First! They do pop up on eBay every month or two! And usually they're in great condition, since most everyone knows how collectible they are!

    I think Marigold would be a fine choice for a First! Especially if your wardrobe has a lot of blues and greens!
  14. Thanks :heart:

    I was really surprised at how much rich bluishgreen stuff I owned. I never really though about it until I started shopping for bbag colors :shame:
  15. I say VG, AG or Jaune...........all three look great in the First and are easy to wear.