hmwe46 knows *she* has a problem when ... TWO bbags arrive on the same day!!!

  1. When oh when did I order *two* bbags?!?!

    I think my puppies my steal my credit cards and bid on bags while I am innocently working or cleaning house or doing something else *productive*.

    At least they have good taste :graucho:

    Please welcome Ms Rouille City (a gorgeous intense shade of Persimmon- DH contributed that comparo!!!):


    And also welcome Ms 05 Black WORK (Incoralblue, I blame you and your WE pics for this purchase!! LOL):

  2. :heart: them both! CONGRATS!!! wow, rouille is so pretty!
  3. WOW look at that leather on your Black Work.:nuts: Congrats:yahoo: it is yummy:drool: .
  4. wow!! congrats hmwe!!! Both are gooooorrrrgeous bags!!! lucky you!! :yahoo:
  5. Congrats on getting not only one, but two bags!!!!
    I knew you were getting Rouille City, but damn, when did you get 05 Black Work!? You're too quick, woman!

    Your Roille is gorgey:heart:Persimmon is a good way to describe the know, I never really gave Rouille a thought until now!

    Black Work is the most practical bag you can own! I use mine so much and love her to death:tender:
  6. mint, thank you, this rouille is everything I hoped for and more!! :love:

    nanaz, isn't the black work spectacular!! :nuts:

    redney: I think I need some *true* red now!! :graucho:
  7. Isn't the rouille intense!??! It goes so well with jeans and chocolates and of course blacks and creams.

    And that black work with such a score!!! It's going to be hard to use the Grenat and White when I have that!



  8. Woow - Congrats!!! :drool:
  9. Wow, your puppies sure now how to pick them;) They are both so delicious:drool: esp. the black work, love the leather! Lucky girl, two in one day! What a great day you are having! Congrats!
  10. hahaha....hmwe46!! Congrats for ur new two bbags....gorgeous bag and my fav is ur black work~
  11. Thanks Ms M!

    My girls definitely have style, hee hee, girlie!

    Celia, I am almost disappointed that I got both today, because I ordered the Rouille long before I impuslively bought the black work. Now I'll have to choose which to wear first :shame:

  12. Get in line! There's a long list of people waiting to blame me as well LOL!

    They are both gorgeous but loving that leather on your Black Work. It took me YEARS to own a black bag and now that I have my Weekender, I'm also considering on getting a black one.

    You know I'm still drooling over your Grenat Work, right? (and Tooshies' too!)
  13. Congratulations on two, count em, two beautiful bags! Can the puppies come stay at my house and I can blame any bag purchases on them?
  14. yummy leather:drool::drool::drool:
  15. Absolutely!! (girls, pack your bags, you are going to the City!! :yahoo:)