Hmph! Insulted.

  1. :wtf:

    The annoying woman who sits behind me commented on how tacky it is that my cosmetic bag is mono, my agenda is Vernis, and I'm carrying a Damier bag today. How rude! it tacky???
  2. Does "tacky" mean "Jealous". I would have told her to kiss my ass!
  3. i think she's just jealous of you. don't let it get to you redheadedplum!
  4. Ask her if she paid for what you carry in your bag and how does it affect her life.
  5. Any time I change bags, she makes some pseudo-nice comment about how much she loooooves LV, but would NEVER PAY FOR IT and she CAN'T BELIIIIEVE that I have the balls to carry something that screams its name so loudly. But that she loves it. Uhm.
  6. Jeaaaloooussssss!:P
  7. :greengrin: Somebody's very jealous of your LV's. Try not to let it get to you. And for sure don't let it diminish the love you have for your bags. You keep carrying them and remember YOU aren't the tacky one in this situation.
  8. i know its ahlloween and all, but must people be green with envy. just say "Don't Hate"
  9. Yes, her comments are tacky. You are fine. She is jealous. Very fresh!:yucky:
  10. I don't know if that's tacky but are you supposed to match every single thing? She would have thought that it's tacky too if your bag is mono, your agenda is mono and your cosmetics bag is ALSO mono. :rolleyes: I say, why do you bother to care? Just mix and match HOWEVER you like! :yes: As far as I know, LV is classy. Unless you are dressed from head to toe mono, now that will be kinda tacky. :P
  11. ooh, which Vernis agenda do you have??? lucky girl.
  12. ugh, what a jerk!!
  13. Thanks! I have a PM vernis in Noisette. I love that little guy! AND I just bought all my Filofax refills for next year, which for no good reason, always makes me feel so happy!
  14. Haters will always hate!!:mad:
  15. What right does she have to even comment?!?! It's not like SHE paid for your wear it proudly and in her face!