Hmong food similar to Thai?

  1. Anyone know anything about Hmong food? :shrugs: I know there's a population in Thailand and in Laos. Any help would be greatly appreciated - I'm doing a presentation on the book The Spirit Catches You, and Then You Fall and I'm trying to give the class a feel for the culture with photo's, video's, and hopefully some sample food. Suggestions? HELP! :confused1:
  2. Yes, Thai, Laos, and Hmong food are all similar... I do prefer Thai food though. Are you doing a project on Hmong or Thai?
  3. I'm doing a project on a Hmong family that came to America and never learned English. Their youngest daughter began having seizures and they thought she was destined to be a Shaman, that the "spirit was catching her" and then she'd fall. Because the culture is so different (they're from Laos), they were resistant to medicating the child, and she'd continuously go into status epilepticus until she finally went brain dead. Each status seizure causes you to lose more and more oxygen to your brain, and because the parents didn't understand/didn't like American medicine, they, for 3 years, did not medicate the child properly. The average person would blame the parents, but with culture and language barriers so thick, it's impossible to pick a guilty party.

    To show the class the culture we want to show videos of the Hmong people in Laos, and bring in some food, etc. But information on them is scarce. Any suggestions of what to bring in? The only Thai food I know is Pad Thai - and do they eat with their hands or....?

    Thanks for whatever info you can provide :smile:
  4. I love cultural cooking but have not heard of hmong food. I should brush up on my asian dishes and cooking styles. I can tell you are very interested in this food so I wish you the best of luck. =)
  5. i've never heard of hmong food being similar to thai, or laos for that matter. but then again, the only hmong food i've tried was some kind of dessert, but i can't remember what it's called.
  6. It is similar.

    You could bring in papaya salad, but I'm not sure how much non Asian people will like it. lol.
  7. oh and also, just like Laos people, Hmong people eat sticky rice (opposed to white rice). Well they do eat white rice of course, but sticky rice is usually preferred.
  8. So do you guys think I could swing a huge platter of pad thai and bring it to class as a cultural reference? Or is there something else you guys would suggest? I could also make the chicken and soy bean dish from the first link listed above - but if I could pick something up from a Thai restaurant I thought it'd be easier. I do love to cook - but it'd have to be a pretty decent amount of food I'd need to cook for a class of 30 to sample.
  9. Well, I'm Hmong and although i love Pad Thai...It is not a traditional Hmong dish. Yes a lot of our dishes are similar to Thai and Laos dishes, but that's only because we all live in the same area. We still have our own unique way of cooking and have very different dishes that we consider traditional. But anyway...I hope that your presentation went well.
  10. oh yeah...I know I'm a couple of years late...:P but I just thought you still might like to know...